While I loathe seeing the same damned footage of planes smashing into the WTC buildings and people jumping out of windows and people fleeing in terror as dust clouds cover them in pitch blackness over and over and over (MSNBC being the worst of the lot for me, every time I turned that channel on for news the first 2 days they'd be showing their "exclusive footage" of the 2nd jet plunging into the WTC from the angle of impact -- a gruesome scene), I am wondering where the footage of the Pentagon being hit is, or even pics of the 757 circling before impact which was reported as pointed at by Secret Service men on the lawn of the White House.

I mean, it took less than 24 hours for media sources to find footage of the first plane smashing into the WTC (something which, before I had seen it, I thought we'd most likely never get a look at and media outlets would simply show stupid computer recreations of that first impact), but no footage has surfaced from Washington DC from before to during the impact, just pictures after the terrible hit. I don't really want to see more images of the carnage, but were there really no videos or snapshots of the attack on the Pentagon or is the government keeping those locked down for some particular reason (possibly for intelligence or investigative reasons)?