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    Boxed Images of the TRU Exclusive ESB X-Wing

    Finally boxed images of the Exclusive Sage X-Wing have surfaced, and while it was originally said it was going to be a 25th Anniversary version of the ship, the ship and packaging is based off of the ship as it appeared in The Empire Strikes Back.

    It comes with an exclusive "Dagobah R2-D2", a storage crate, a ration kit, and the powerlamp Luke plugs R2-D2 into. It also finally has a functioning Droid Socket. The window box even makes it look like the ship is half submerged in the Dagobah swamp.

    It's retail appears to be $39.99 and should be out this Summer or Fall. Thanks to Rebelscum for the Images. "Yipee!"

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Saga X-Wing Boxed Front:
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    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Saga X-Wing Boxed Back:

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    To bad it's an Exclusive.

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    Well, if it had to be an exclusive, I'm glad it belongs to TRU. They seem to have a pretty good grip on distro and quantaties. I didn't hear many people complaining about the availability of the AT-ST/Speederbike exclusive.
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    Well thank Zeus it's a TRU exclusive and I'll be able to get one with a little bit of luck. Looks really cool too. I have a wee space set aside for this. Summer sounds like a good time to release it.
    The paint deco looks okay too.

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    Why come out with a 3rd X-Wing when there are plenty of vehicles that haven't come out yet??

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    As a long time fan and collector I've had plenty of time to collect all the cool ships and figures. Most of which are long since discontinued and hard to obtain. Making re-issues of some of the key vehicles of the saga will allow new fans who might only have got into star wars at the TPM stage to get some of the stuf we've been cherishing for years. Plus this new version of the x-wing has a usable cockpit and a droid slot. making for excellent play value. It's going to be much lighter withouth the batteries and electronics so kids will be able to play with it without breaking their arms trying to lift the thing.

    It's about continuing the dream, keeping the next generation interested so it doesn't become a fossil of a hobby like '00 scale train sets have become. It keeps peole aware of the toys and the hobby thrives as more and more collectors come onboard. The more collectors there are the more chance there is that the toys will keep coming long after the movies have been finished. hasbro will only supply where is a demand.

    Question answered?

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    Oooh... I think I will finally get an X-Wing!!! This looks good! The Artoo looks to be painted nicely as well. I hope it's a good retractable leg version!!!
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    The coolest part is that if you look at the actual R2 figure, and not the picture on the box, you can tell that he is dirty like he was just spit out of the swamp.
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    Is it the bigger to scale X-Wing or the orginal POTF2 sized X-Wing?
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