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    You can't blame others for what one or more does.If you did all of us would be blamed for one thing or another.On the other hand I have heard rumors of some arabics are happy that this happened and one that they burned a flag.As I said rumors,but if this is true they shouldn't be hurt or killed just sent back to thier home with the only things they came with.I feel if you come here to make a better life for yourself and your family,and you work pay taxes.You should support this country.If you hate the USA thats fine.Believe what you want,but don't live here making your money and living in our freedom.
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    I'm getting sick of morning radio, too. I've heard from some friends back east that they're more sensitive there, but the DJs in LA really **** me off with their insensitivity.

    This morning I was irked by four different stations:
    1) The DJs were complaining about possible delays to the football season as a result of the attacks.
    2) A fake ad for firing range targets (which apparently exist) bearing the face of bin Laden or another random Arabic person
    3) A fake interview with someone pretending to be Afghani (doing a poor imitation of Mustafa from the Austin Powers films) talking about how "infidels" shouldn't attack because they'd triumph with their goats and pointy sticks
    4) Howard Stern interviewing David Letterman. I lost all respect for Letterman when he said, "I've learned to say, 'Get out of my damn country' in fourteen Arabic dialects." I doubt I can ever watch Mr Letterman's show again after that remark.
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    Letterman said that?!!!!

    Well... *pop* there goes another viewer. It was nice knowing you Dave.
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