This is a two-parter and I don't mean to offend, but I am feeling very critical about the media right at this point.

I hate to say this, but I wish the "special reports" would go away for awhile. All they are doing is replaying the same scraps of footage and information over and over again. Enough already!!! These reports are no longer "special". Go away and break when there is something to report!

I was so PO'd when I saw a reporter look into the camera and say, "We've been trying to talk to rescue workers to see if there are any updates, but no one is willing to talk with us." Well... DUH!!!! Of course they aren't willing to talk with you! They are out there to do a job... to hopefully find any survivors or to identify the remains of those who perished. They are working against time (fear of further collapsing buildings). I think that it is tragic that we must be fed all of this information when there really is no more to be had at this moment.

I have been praying and meditating on the events- for the survivors (that includes the families who have lost someone) of this travesty. I have continued to live my life to honour those who can no longer do so. I refuse to sit in front of the telly like some mindless zombie watching the horror unfold time and time again with little change in information.

Watching this video will not bring back lives or make us feel any worse that this happened. This is too much and the news networks need to get a clue. Come back when there is something substantial to report. Come back once every half hour if you must to recap any updates from that half hour. That is all we need at the moment.

Also... if the news is here to inform and educate us... how about a nice continuing report on sensitivity and ethics- like, don't go smacking the Arabic-American citizens around because they are here WITH us and not AGAINST us!!! Give them a reason to stand up with us against their native counterparts!!! We need this solidarity now... not a fracturing of the nation, which is exactly what is happening. This is the sort of mentality that causes our country to be weak. This is where we need to focus- since most of us aren't going abroad to fight any battles. We need to do our part here. I, for one, am considering going to a couple of my Arabic-American neighbours houses to let them know that I will stand behind them no matter what as they deserve their freedom and safety as well. I suggest that those who can- follow suit.

Peace be with you all.