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Thread: Royal Guards

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    Unhappy Royal Guards

    Did I miss the Red Royal Guards??? I don't remember seeing them at all....

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    They are there. If you look behind Sen. Padme when she first walks into Palpatines office, you will see them in the hall.

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    All I seen were the Blue Guards when Windu walked into the senate meeting.

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    Look here . . .
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    They're doing their impression of wall paper.
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    Wow!! That's why I never seen them, they do blend into the walls like "wallpaper" thanks for the great pic. Next time I see the film I'll have to watch extra carefully.
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    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Thats why I have never seen em too!!!!!!! Thanks for the pic, now I know where to look in the movie. Can't believe GL set department didnt think about that!

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    Maybe they are supposed to be camouflaged to better protect Palpatine. They are the Chancellor's personal gaurds, and this Chancellor prefers red office space.
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    I haven't seen orn Free Taa as wel. I also have seen a pic of Obi Wan with yellow general outfit a few months back, but it wasn't there either.
    And where was R3-T7?
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    I saw the movie last night again and I saw them....thanks


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