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    Han and Lando in EP3...

    I really hope that they don't incorporate Han into the story ( I REALLY HOPE HE ISNT A CLONE). But something that I did think would be cool, is if there was another bar like scene. If we saw a young han and a young lando playing sabacc in the background, and have it be indicated Lando loses the hand, thus giving Han the falcon, i thought thatd be a pretty cool idea. not to have them in the story, but have them be there.

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    that would be very cool! hope it happens!

    as always,
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Hey guys,
    I mentioned how much I'd like to see Han and Chewie in background cameos.No major real speaking parts.Just seeing them in the background doing something that we would recognize them for.
    I mentioned maybe Han slowing his pace walking by a corillien freighter and being dragged along by his mother(?)
    And Chewie maybe losing a game to a droid and pulling their arms off.Just back ground happenings,Just quick homages paid to them both.I hadn't really thought much about Lando.At the time of Ep3 Han will only be about 10 years old.So I don't see him winning the Falcon yet.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Chewbacca should be seen as a wookie slave. But, there could be another way......

    Remember how Lucas said that ROTJ's final battle was originally supposed to involve WOOKIES? And how upset were a lot of fans afterwards that he didn't go through with it? Well, in Ep. III, wouldn't it be nice to visit one of the best known planets NOT seen in any movie yet.....


    Perhaps we see Chewie there.....perhaps the beginnings of wookies being taken as slaves.....THAT would be nice to see.

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    Han is an 11 - 12 year old Clone in E3.

    He must be.

    I also think that he will be the new model. Jango is dead and cannot donate DNA (or midichlorians).

    Boba cannot donate:

    1) they turned his father's clones against him! That's gotta hurt! Those Jedi dogs!

    2) Boba is a clone - it's replication of the replicated. Better to use a new original.

    Some guy is the template: a cameo appearance for HARRISON FORD???

    Then his clones are used as the new ones to eventually become some of the Stormtroopers as most of Jango's clones are killed off. But maybe Boba gets command of some of them, or one foils his mission in E3 somehow, and it is none other than a single, 'solo' clone. He has no name yet, but he helps Padme escape somehow and when she questions his motives, he says "Maybe you'd like it back in your cell, your Highness?" and we'd all know what that little clone's future holds - plus his other rescued refugee - a female baby Jedi - and irony of all ironies - Han's future wife!
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    I thought about a Harrison Ford looking character being template 2.0. A clever idea in its own right, but I do not want to see Han, Lando, or Chewie in Episode III.

    Chewie, having been a slave of the EMPIRE would have no reason to be in E3 as they haven't begun subjugating worlds yet. They are still embroiled in the CLONE WAR.

    The coincidence of seeing Han and Lando on Coruscant would force me to drive to CA, sneak onto Skywalker Ranch, and give George a boot in the tush. Unless.....

    ...when Jar Jar gets the Falcon for Padme to use to escape, Deak Calrissian and his young son, Lando are the owners of the ship. Lando inherits it from his father and loses it to Han between III and IV. other than that, NO CAMEOS...
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    I never want to see Han Solo in a prequel. Or Chewie.

    How old would Han and Lando be in Ep III ? 10?

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    Who is Deak Calrissian? He was never mentioned in any book I ever read. In fact the only other Calrissian in EU that I know of is Lando's wife, Tendra Calrissian.

    And JarJar better NEVER touch the Millennium Falcon.

    The fact that a YT-1300 was seen on Naboo in AOTC doesn't mean it was the Falcon. All it means was it was eye-candy some ILM'er who can't see past the OT just HAD to put in there for nostalgia's sake. (and the fact that it would take longer to keep designing new ships in order to keep the landing pads full).

    Han would be between 9 and 11.

    Lando is two years older than Han, thus Lando would be between 11 and 13.

    Han did not even KNOW Chewbacca until he was in the Imperial Navy and was court-martialed for freeing him. Han was approximately 23 years old when he met Chewie, which was only 6 years before A New Hope.

    Finally, Chewbacca was a pirate captain with his own ship (see the Chewbacca comic) and Chewie was only an Imperial slave for less than 12 months before Han changed his mind and rescued him. Han Solo was also the very same Imperial Officer who had originally captured Chewie.

    Chewbacca was attacking a Trandoshan slaver ship and freeing Wookiee women and children and then acted as a Decoy in the damaged slaver ship to lure a squadron of TIE fighters and their command ship away from Chewie's own old ship, which he gave to the Wookiees he freed so they could escape. Lt. Han Solo was in command of the TIE wing and he fell for Chewie's trick. Taking the bait, when Han disabled the slaver ship, he found the Trandoshan crew dead, and only Chewbacca remaining. Chewie was taken prisoner by force and thrown into slavery.

    Later Han saw him abused, and corrected his 'immoral behavior,' earning both a life-debt from Chewbacca, and a court-martial from the Imperial Navy. When Han was near suicidal, Chewie took pity on him and made him change his life around. They went into business together.

    See the Chewbacca Tribute Comics (1-4) or the TPB. And Han Solo: The Paradise Snare and The Hutt Gambit. - Some of the best SW books I've ever read. No - actually THE BEST SW books I've ever read!

    I've read them 3 times they are so good! No joke!

    Go for it. (Rebel Dawn concluded the novel trilogy - and it is awesome too!)

    Lando's history comes into it as well, including when Han wins the Falcon.

    Jabba is there, so is even Darth Vader. It's everything they could make into another movie trilogy!
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    And JarJar better NEVER touch the Millennium Falcon.
    "Youssa knowin' meesa does. Millenium Falcon is mooie mooie bombad."

    Just you wait Tycho, Jar Jar is probably the one that even named her "The Millenium Falcon." That's why the Falcon's computer has a pequilar dialect, it was programmed by Jar Jar Binks himself. It all makes sense now.

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    "NOoooooooo! That's not true! That's IMPOSSIBLE!"
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