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    Exclamation Ordering the B-wing from target

    If you haven't already ordered yours, you can use the coupon code: HELLO683
    It gives you 10% off!
    hope this helps someone =)

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    Thanks JediJeff77!! I only had $45 available on my Target card so the s+h kept pushing me over-limit. With your coupon code I was able to finally order the B-Wing! The Targets over here don't even have them at all. Thanks again!!

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    Post New Target Policy

    I guess this is the best thread to put this under.

    Starting Nov. 1, Target will not accept any returns without a receipt dated within 90 days. Apparently professional theives have been using their five-finger discount a little too much at Target. They would then go back to the store, return the item they pilfered, and make off with $$$ they didn't have before.

    Also, and more importantly to us honest folks, Target mandates that customers can receive only the current price of any "seasonal" merchandise. For instance if a customer buys christmas lights at 10 bucks, doesn't open them, and then returns the item in the box 2 days after Christmas, when the lights are 5 bucks, he/she will only receive 5 bucks back even though they may have a receipt to verify they paid 10 bucks for it. I don't think this will apply to such things as B-wings though. I know some people have indicated they were going to wait until the ship went on clearance price (34.99) to return the ship so they can make a quick 5 bucks.

    Even if you don't have a receipt, Target will try to verify your purchase by running your credit card, debit card, check info. or product serial number. Target is helping customers by already printing out a gift receipt that for purchases over $10.
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