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    The richness of colour makes ROTJ the nicest to look at but it lacks real depth for me. ESB is the best directed and acted but it's the most dated costume wise with loads of 1980's influenced design like theHoth costumes and the Bespin designs and colour scheme.
    ANH is my favourite. I went into some detail on this in the old forums and I'm too tired to go look for it but ANH is the original that inspired my lifetimes achievements and aspirations. It's the most honest of all three, the most innovative. The others are just rehashes of already used ideas with minor surprises thrown in like halloween candythat isn't really candy.... Not really the best analogy but I'm sure you take my meaning.

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    Not to nit-pick your well thought out post, Jargo, but what the heck here goes.

    How could ESB have 80s influenced designs when it was made in 1979? Now if you had said 70s influenced designs then I would have had no issue with the statement. Or maybe ESB was what inspired 80s fashion, is that what you mean?
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    I loved ESB. The humour was really well developed for this film. The exchanges between Han, Leia and sometimes Luke were some of the best in the genre. It wasn't a case of "let's see what funny lines we can say". It was more of a "what funny lines would this character say"- whether it was scarasm, a witty comeback or an unintentionally funny line.

    The action was also great in this film. It had the most believable military strategies of the three OT films.

    ESB had a very motive driven plot and that's what ultimately did it for me.

    ANH has the most sentimental value for me, but I liked ESB the best.
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    TESB for sure . You can't get much better than that !
    Get over here Leia , and stop making out with your brother !

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    How could ESB have 80s influenced designs when it was made in 1979?
    If I'm not mistaken, wasn't ESB released in 1980? Anyway what I was trying to say was that the designs look very eighties-ish. That quilted thing may have been good for the cold but still has a very eighties feel to it. Those colours on Bepin have the same shudder inducing feel as the colour schemes my Mother inflicted on our house in the early eighties - all pale pastels and neutal tones. Ghastly ghastly ghastly! There's just something about the look of ESB that I don't like. Despite the quality film that it is from the hands of an excellent director and fine actors (Billy Dee Williams aside) I just don't think I could ever say that it's my favourite. It's still ANH all the way for me.

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    Exclamation Sarcasm alert! Sarcasm alert!

    ...fine actors (Billy Dee Williams aside)
    Uh oh, Jargo. There're a few fans of this actor on this site that'll skin you alive for that comment!
    And, how dare you have your own opinion! Can't you tell that we are trying to get you to think our way? ESB is by far much better! People thinking for themselves? What's this world coming to?
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    Oh dear, how dare I indeed. it just won't do to not toe the line will it?

    I love ESB. there will that do? Billy Dee Williams is a fine actor. Will that do?

    * I'm lying through my teeth here. think anyone noticed...? *

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    You're right Jargo, Bespin did kind of have that pajama party look to it.

    I love ANH the most!! Oh wait, is it supposed to be ESB? Then I love ESB the most!!!
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    Folks, remember that Jargo lives in the UK, so perhaps ugly styles were just 5 years behind the times then. Bespin feels like a late-70s post-neo-modern style, with all the curves and earth tones. It reminds a LITTLE TINY BIT of Logan's Run in that respect.
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    Spot on JT. Fashions here in the UK were late starters for most of us back then when hardly anyone had access to stimuli beyond imports such as Quincey and Fame. For years I watched as millions of legwarmer wearing kids paraded round horribly out of fashion. distressing isn't in it.........

    I still think Lando should have been Latino...........


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