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    Originally posted by GNT
    24!!!!! What was all the Star Wars positions? I prefer the new SE ending cause we see Coruscant and that
    I don't think ROTJ or TPM even made the list, but I don't really remember I didn't buy the issue because once I saw how low they ranked ANH I became too angry to stuff those morons' pockets. Oh, I think ESB was actually rated higher than ANH.
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    If any doubt there was that Starlog is lame, dispelled it is, hmmm?

    I used to hate the SE ending of ROTJ, but it grows on me every time I see it. I still like the original song, but the new ending is better.
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    If there was little chance for me to buy Starlog now its extinct...24?????? Brain dead...yep thats it!!
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    I'll have to side with Dante Hicks in the movie Clerks. The Empire Strikes Back is by far the best in the series. Star Wars was an experiment, an exercise in growth, Lucas finding the center of his universe. By Empire everything is established and we see the meat and potatoes of the struggle of the Rebellion. By Jedi, Lucas had gone mad. Like Dante says, it was nothing but a bunch of Muppets! Now with Episode I and the upcoming Episode II, all the muppets are CGI!
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    Gotta say that I feel ESB is the best of the OT, but ANH will always be my favorite. I was 7 when it hit the screens and for me it was the business.

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    Thumbs up

    Return of the Jedi - It brings it all to a close. You understad the whole story at the point. The triumphant battle at the end between father and son. Defeat and redemption at the same time. Just amazing.
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    I like ESB also. I don't know why but it just is the best and the most exciting.
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    I have to go with Return of the Jedi. Coolest costume design, aliens and the best looking vehicles of the entire trilogy. Story? was pretty good too.

    I do believe that the Special Edition version of the ending is mucho cooler; but that extended Jabba's band scene is unabashed crapola!

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