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    Dallas and surrounding areas

    Since I have seen a Dallas thread I thought I would start one. I found several Count Dookus and Yodas at the TRU at 75 and Park Ln. That was at 5:00 and I only bought one Dookua and no Yodas. The clerk was still unpacking cases when I left and had at least 3 cases of the assortment that contains Dooku. Come on Dallas collectors, help me out I NEED BESPIN LUKE/VADER.

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    By the way, scalpers suck!!

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    do they have Bespin Luke or Bespin Vader at the Walmart off 30 and Eastchase.

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    I work at the SuperTarget in Watauga. It's a bit far from Dallas, about 45 minutes, but we have lots of Bespin Lukes and Vaders. We seem to get in about 2 cases a week(or rougly 6-8 of each), if not more.

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    Where exactly is Watauga ??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    If you want Coll 1, Target seems to be the place, Soopa Target More specifically. On Monday they had Bespin wave at the Coit Rd. location.

    If you want Coll 2, try walmart! I found Palpatine and Phur on wed. at Midway and 635, and another collector spotted them at Park Preston along with the rest of the Endor wave.
    Happy Hunting!

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    I found Bespin Luke, Bespin Vader, FB Jango and the new Mace at Kohls of all places. Yes, the clothing store. Tey hve a small toy section and I guess that nobody shops there for toys. Anyway, check it out but beware, they were $8.99

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    I hate Kohls. 8.99? Blah.

    In Plano Wal-Mart freakin sucks. All they have is figs realeased on 4/23, and MAYBE whatever wave came after that. So far, I've found the bespin set at kmart suprisingly, and I know Target had them because it had a lot of Maces. Someone snagged all the Luke and Vaders there though. Have been to the ToysRus on central but I should soon. Anyone in/near Plano found Dooku, Yoda, or HD Anakin? I swear to god, I've been everywhere except TRU and I can't find it.

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    Check Target, more specifically Soopa Target. They had Bespin Wave last Monday (one on Coit). It has been more than a week since I have seen a Dooku wave, although TRU at Walnut had them the weekend the Movie came out.

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    Hey guys -- thought I would put my two cents in .. I have not found ANYTHING since Count Dooku. I usually search Walmart off I30 and Beltline and also Target and Walmart in Rockwall. NOTHING. There is aa target off of 635 and Haskell that does not have anything at all -- just first wave peg warmers. Kohls is a bit high -- but they were the FIRST to put out the EPII figures in Rockwall -- 24hrs before they were supposed to be out. -- They also put those nasty price stickers on the front of the packages. Anyone with any ideas on where to get this stuff -- before I give up and get them online at a premium price ???
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