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    I have seen these at Khols is Plano (75 and Parker); however, they were gone last time I checked. I also saw them yesterday (Mace @ the collin creek mall KBtoys and Jango @ Kmart next door to the mall).
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    My wife just calld me here at work and told me that the KB at collin creek mall in Plano had about 6 each of the Dooku, Yoda, and Anakin HD.

    I will try to go after work (around 6:00 pm) to pick them up for you, but they may be gone by then, so you may want to see if you can pick them up yourself. LMK
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Wow, excellent. I may be able to go... well it'll be around 6 before i get I get there too. Oh well maybe they'll be there. Thanks keith!

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    And as to your questions...

    I mostly open, but in some cases I don't.

    The card condition doesnt matter to me, just as long as the figure is good, and the insert card is good(where the barcode is) as I use it for display purposes.

    Really any Dex would be fine, but a background insert would be cool.(That would be a case where I dont open...)

    And I'll keep my eye open for that Bloody Luke for ya.

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    Got um! Managed to find Dooku, Dexster and HD Anakin on the shelves, and got the last Yoda from the back! Thanks for the heads up keith!(Thanks to your wife too!)

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    Yesterday I found one Chewie (no Hans or Obis, or even Peg Lukes) at KB Valley View- the Collin Creek location had them as well (according to the PIC) but I missed them. I checked back today and the most interesting figure was Dooku.

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    I didn't notice any of those at KB yesterday either ....

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    If you are a scalper do not read!
    Now that that is finished... Everyone, the best place to get figures in Dallas is in Corinth and Denton. There is a WalMart off of 35 and Swisher road that has had the latest figures meaning Palpatine and Djas Puhr and the WalMart off of 35 and Loop 388 foing toward McKinney. They have had some strange figures show up.. like I purchased 6 FF Ree Yees a few weeks ago for 1 dollar a piece. Now get going and save any new stuff for me.

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    Hey guys -- Am going hunting this weekend -- other than bloody luke is there anything that we need to consintrate on??
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    Heh skeksis could you part with a Ree-Yees... just asking


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