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    JediBoulton - I guess if you see the newest wave (Han, Chewie, ObiPilot) let us know.

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    Will do Adam-- UPDATE -- has Count Dooku Dark Lord for $9.99 if anyone is missing one!
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    Went to 4 Wal-marts last night, they did not realy have crap. Here's the break down:

    I20 and Great South West in Grand Prarie: all commons, $4.77 on AOTC

    I20 and Cooper in Arlington: Nothing

    I30 adn Eastchase: Nothing but about eight 12" Darth Maul's w/ Sith speeders, if you still want need/want one. $4.77 on AOTC

    I35 and Beltline in Cedar Hill: Nothing but about twelve 12" Luke with Yoda in the backpack, boxes in less-then-mint condition.

    I will post with anything new.

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    Thanks AM. If anyone wants the new twelve inch Clone trooper pilot (KB exclusive), the KB in Collin Creek mall had at least one when I was there on thurs..

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    Hello fellow DFWers. I live in Arlington and I found a darth and a fett at the kb in the parks mall. I also found 2 battle waggons at the toy works at lincoln square. The Eastchase stores rarely have anything but the TRU has been getting in older products lately since they are closing. By the way, anyone got an extra Wuhur?
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    Hey, does that TRU have a Royal Starship from Ep1 by any chance?...

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    No starships there but i'll keep my eyes open. Were any of you guys at the scifi convention last month?
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    the one in Plano that is.
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    That convention centre where they hold the expo, is like 2 miles away from me! I haven't gone in a couple years. Last time I went though I really stocked up on stuff I was missin'. I can't tell ya for sure, but they usually have good prices on figures MOMC. Check it out one time, its a pretty cool experience.

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    You got me thinking about the expo so I checked the webpage. There's some kind of Customer Appreciation/Celebration thing going on the 30th of June, with free addmission. I'm not sure if this is going to be the same type of convention like the one a few weeks ago, but I'll let everyone know in case they want to go.


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