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    I will be there!
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Count me in also -- I still haven't found Dejas, Han Solo, Obiwan Pilot, Chewy, or Senator Palpatine -- but I am still looking
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    I bet there will be some at the con.. for a price though.

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    I will be there..i'll be the one wearing the shirt.
    no smiley zone!

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    Check your K.B.s before the show as they have been getting in some of the newer figures. I found Dejas Pur, pilot ob1,chewy, han, palpy,luke, darth, at the K.B at the mall at 820 & precinct or pipeline
    no smiley zone!

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    Too bad theres no KB where I'm getting my hair cut tonight.. ah well. Theres a Target and I think they have some Nexus and deluxe Anakins. The Target in Allen had them last week for sure.

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    Wal-Mart at 635 and Midpark had about 8 palpatines this morning, but that was this morning

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    JEDICOLE -- I just found TEEBO on website for $5.99 -- they also have some rather neat ATOC T-Shirts for sale too...FYI
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    I plan to be there. I'll pretty much only be coming to meet you all though. My car just got towed the other day and I had to spend $130 to get it back. Which means I am now totally and completely broke
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Jedicole, when does the con start? I can't find a time on the website.


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