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    Thumbs down Anakin's gone for 10 years and comes back 2 minutes before his mom dies, huh?

    I've seen a lot of people mention the stupid and illogical moments in AOTC like Jar Jar being made a Senator and so on, but I haven't heard anyone mention this ridiculous anomaly. Are we to believe that Anakin left Tatooine for 10 *YEARS*, his mom was sold to another owner, married, had her own life, was kidnapped by Tusken Raiders, tortured by the Raiders, became somehow critically ill, and hung in there as long as she could which just happened to be exactly two minutes after her son showed up to "rescue" her?!? Oy.

    This is the worst, most circumstancial, stupid thing in the entire Saga. There are SO many things that they could've done to improve this scene. For one, what exactly killed Shmi? So far as I could tell, she had some scars on her face. Obviously the Raiders did SOMETHING to kill her, but I'd like to know what. For me, this scene would've been a thousand times better if Anakin had tried to escape with the weak Shmi, and the Raiders (male AND female) had shot and killed her. At least that wouldn't have been a galactic coincidence, and Anakin would've had some reason to kill the Tusken Females other than their being there. Shmi holding onto life until JUST the right moment is just stupid.

    Who agrees with me that this was a poorly-conceived scene?

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    She's been missing for a month, and was near death anyway. If you read the book, it explains that her willpower, and longing to see her son again, before she died, was what kept her alive. Once that happened, she didn't fight death anymore, and passed on. That's why she says, "Now, I am complete."

    As for what the Tuskens did to her, she was strapped to a frame, and they were whiping her daily. In the book it says that she can bearly feel the whip anymore, as the nerves in her back are dead. The marks on her face were from missed lashes with the whip.

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    i have some problems with the film, but this isn't one of them.

    it was made clear from the beginning of the film that anakin was having nightmares (about his mother). he most likely could sence something was not right, but obi-wan discounted his fears for her safety.("dreams will pass")

    when she was near death, anakin senced this and left naboo to save her. and she easily could of died from dehydration.
    if obi wan had been with anakin, he probably would not of allowed him to go.

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    This is no more a problem for Star Wars than Luke's vision of Han and Leia on Bespin. In fact it serves a vital plot point. Anakin was told by Obi Wan to ignore the visions of his mother in pain. Anakin did not listen to his feelings and go to her because of his obligation to the Jedi. He had been having those visions/dreams since Shmi was abducted. When finally Anakin and Shmi could no longer take her pain, Anakin abandon his duty to the Jedi and followed his feelings.....something Palpatine told him to work on. He gave in to his anger and destroyed the Tusken's. See where this is going?
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    Not to mention, this is gonna eat away at Anakin. If Obi-Wan wouldn't have told him to ignore the dreams, and they would go away, he would have saved her. He would have returned to Tatooine much earlier then he did in E2, and rescued her from the Tusken Camp. Which is most likely going to be a part of why Anakin turns on Obi-Wan in Episode III.

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    Who agrees with me that this was a poorly-conceived scene?
    Not me, the whole scene was set up even before the events of AOTC as Obi-Wan already knew of Ani's dreams (I love his little nod in response to Obi's question of if the dreams revolved around his mother).

    About as poorly conceived as Luke having visions and leaving to help his loved ones. If you've ever seen ESB, that should be fairly obvious.

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    Actually my favorite part in the entire movie is from when he goes to the Lars' place to when he, Padme, r2, and 3po leave to go help Obi-Wan so of course I think it was done well.
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    I just point out why Anakin didn't do something before Shmi was even captured or even freed from Watto:

    Anakin had to be trained and caught up to 9 years of missed Jedi discipline which he never took to.

    His mother living at the Temple would have been disruptive to that, and probably other Jedi's curiousity and / or envy. It had never been done. If Shmi left the temple on Coruscant, and Anakin made any enemies as a Jedi, she would be a target. So she'd be a shut-in at the temple.

    Instead, she got freed, got to fall in love, and married Cliegg Lars.

    Now, would they have to be separated or divorced just because her son from "a previous time in her life" returned? Or would Cliegg also live as a shut-in at the Jedi Temple?

    But what about Cliegg's farm he worked so hard for? And his son? OK, so if Owen goes, he has to leave behind his girlfriend? If she marries Owen and goes with him, what about her family on Tatooine? The Whitesuns? Then they could become a target to draw Beru out of the Temple, with Owen, with Cliegg, with Shmi. Thus evil STILL reaches Anakin.

    No, it's better that Shmi has her life, but crap happens. Obi-Wan is wise to realize this, but a temper-tantrum throwing Anakin who whines "it's not fair" is too young to understand all this. It's all about him. He wants Padme NOW! He wants to save his mother NOW! That is perfect for Anakin's character development, and I agree, Shmi held on only so long as so she could see him again.

    That was beautifully done and well-written. It even gives the purpose for Beru being Owen's girlfriend (versus wife) at this stage. Jedi with family ties cannot be trusted. Exactly why they are taken when they are born.

    It makes sense. At least to me and Obi-Wan.
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    You have to look at this realistically. She was missing for a month, then Ani comes to rescue her finally and she dies a few seconds later. I know her death fits the plot, but if the raiders were going to let her die it seems they wouldn't have kept her alive that long. And what did she die of, starvation? I mean aside from a few cuts and bruises she looked healthy.
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    It was probably starvation coupled with the incredible amount of punishment she had endured. In the novel it explained that what the Raiders were doing to Shmi was one way for them to test their foes.
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