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    Anyone else want Orn Free Taa's "ladies"???

    Who wants a 2 pack of the female Twi-Lek's accompanying Mr. Taa?????

    I KNOW I SURE DO!!!!!!

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    Maybe in a few years, I don't think they would be a popular choice at the moment. Especially with Aayla Secura coming out next year. Not to mention how badly the reaction was to the possibility that the Twi'lek Masseuse was going to win the Fan Choice Poll last time.

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    The Twilek Massuesses need to be made as well as Orn Free Taa's ladies. However with Aayla Secura coming out it doesn't look like we will be seeing them anytime soon. Hopefully all of these will get made before GL's daughter as the Twilek in the Outlander bar.
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    I'd pass on Lucas's daughter.

    Though they could make the Thonged lady from the Outlander Night Club.

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    I'd just like to find an Orn Free Ta.
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    Since the "thonged lady" thread got banned I'll just post my appreciation for any figure that's created who as in that well as Orns ladies.


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