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    Question Jedi Spirits

    Remeber when TPM came out and everyone was questioning why Qui-Gon's body didn't vanish, and he become one with the Force? George Lucas in an interview said there would be a hint in Ep. 2 That would answer this question.

    Does anybody have a clue as to what it was/is? Or do you think Lucas dismissed it from the movie? One comment on this issue is that many Jedi died in the final battle, and I did not notice any of them vanishing and becoming one with the Force.

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    The hint was Qui-Gon's voice, as Anakin was slaughtering the Tusken Raiders. No previous Jedi before that time have died and kept their consciousness afterwards. The others have gone on and joined the force when they died. The book explains it better, as Yoda is confused how he can hear Qui-Gon's voice trying to stop Anakin. I am sure that will lead to the information in EIII that will explain how a Jedi can do it.

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    BEWARE...the word "midiclorians" appears several times.

    It is assumed that all living things have these midiclorians but that only those with higher amounts have Jedi traits. I have midiclorians I guess, just not enough to be able to choke my boss at any given moment.

    Lucas, I believe, brought this up to tell us how those who are Jedi become so......but also to let us know that some people have the ability to enter a higher state than just the physical form.

    I believe that at the time we see the older Ben Kenobi and Yoda that the force is the only thing keeping them going. Ben tells Luke that "his destiny lies along a different path" and that he knew it was time for him to let go of his physical self. Yoda, too, kept himself alive long enough to instruct Luke in the ways of the force. Obi-Wan could have done this in the "spirit" form but did not want to because of his failure with another Skywalker.

    They disappeared because they chose to quit holding together their physical form and become a "more powerful than you could possibly imagine" spirit. Qui-Gon was powerful enough to be on the council but his radical ways had him black-balled from that honor. Qui-Gon did not disappear because he was not ready to let go of his body because he had to train the chosen one. This does not mean that he didn't have to ability to exist in a higher state.

    Yoda heard Qui-Gon screaming to Anakin because Yoda senses danger within Anakin and is keeping in touch with him during meditation. I believe Anakin heard Qui-Gon too but his hate, anger and fear blocked out his senses.

    Perhaps it is also a rule that the Jedi cannot interfer with the teachings of another Master and Yoda was confused at to what Anakin was doing so bad that is required Qui-Gon to break that rule. Luke had no other master so he could talk to him from beyond and the situtation was much more important.

    Just my opinion.

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    Something interesting struck me when I watched AOTC. We have not seen any Jedi disappear yet. As far as we know, Obi-wan will be the first.

    Anakin makes a comment several times, which must mean its important to Lucas' story. He keeps saying that he will discover how to keep people alive forever. Perhaps he goes to the dark side and tries to find out how to do this and is a failure at it.

    Then, when he sees Obi-wan disappear he is completely dumbfounded by it. It seems Obi-wan and Yoda found the key to Jedi immortality before Vader could.
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    as i have posted elsewhere, i have a theory on why jedi disappear or not...

    it's all about acceptance and fate, destiny. with ben, this is his destiny, even vader knows this, "the circle is complete." he holds up his saber in a gesture of peace and acceptance only after he sees that everyone will be safe abord the falcon. yoda, who has trained luke all this time, disappears only after he tells luke that he requires no more training.

    whereas qui-gon has changed the course of his life by vowing to become anakin's master, and thus not fulfilling his new destiny, does not disappear. also, he meets a more violent end than ben, and is also fighting his death destiny at the time. when anakin tells qui-gon that no one can kill a jedi, qui-gon replies "oh, i wish that were so..." ben says a similar thing to luke when luke asks if ben knew obi-wan and that his uncle thinks he was killed around the same time as his father: "oh, he's not dead, at least not yet..." both phrases hint to the fact that they know their destinies, or at least their demises. by consciously fighting his destiny, qui-gon doesn't disappear. just a theory, and i'm sure we will see an explanation in ep III, but i think this is a sound theory...
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    What about the Jedi/Sith Holocrons?

    Are they just technological tools or do they channel past Jedi/Sith Spirits?

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    Don't they store information having to deal with important aspects of the Jedi and Sith lifestyle? Historical events, methods of using the force, ways on making yourself more attuned with force, things like that. I just think they look nifty.
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    In response to what jawaboy said, after I heard Anakin say this, I immediatly thought of Palpatine. Lookit how old and crusty he is in ROTJ. Maybe Anakin is keeping his master alive using the force. At least until he chucks him down a hole.

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    Finally some people who make since. All you guys have a good head on your shoulders. Useally when this question pops up to many fanboys say that Lucas just forgot to have Qui Gon disaper. That I always find silly. The man is a genuis and I don't think he's going to forget anything. I agree with all of these therioes.

    Plus, Vader seemed shocked that Ben disapeared. I mean he steped on the cloak to see if he was there. If this was commen practice, then Vader wouldn't have been surprised. Plus, he stormes off in a sort of ****ed off mode. I mean he knows he's lost.

    If the voice was the hint GL was talking about it was very cool. I can invision Qui Gon apearing to either Obi or Ani or maybe even Dooku during Episode III. Just finaly explaining what happens to the lost Jedi.

    Very exciting stuff, and we have 3 years to argue about it.
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