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    Here's a potentially spoiler-heavy technique: get the New Essential Guide to Characters and read the bios. Then, choose a story you like and look up the book.
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    Bumping this to current status.

    Still adding most NJO books to the "avoid" category.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I enjoyed the Darth Maul novel. (Sorry, can't remember the title.) It was a fast, enjoyable read. I read it in two - three days on Christmas vacation.

    The Zahn novels are always good. I finished the Hand of Thrawn one on vacation two weeks ago.

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    The Darth Maul novel is called Shadow Hunter. I liked it too, very fast paced.
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    I read X-Wing 5-7 (I'm reading chronologically, and I'm not up to 8 and 9 yet), and I thought that while they weren't up to the quality of the first four, they were enjoyable reads, and Warlord Zsinj is a great antagonist whom Wolverton didn't give nearly enough screentime in The Courtship of Princess Leia. So I would definitely recommend X-Wing 5-7, but beyond that, I can only assume that they're as good as the previous seven that I've read.
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    I need some suggestions on what to read next. I just finished the first 4 books of the X-Wing series and I really want to take a break from it.

    -It's been a long time since I read the Zahn trilogy.
    -I read Jedi Search, but didn't read the rest of the series.
    -I'm trying to stay in the Post classic trilogy area of the timeline, but I'm sure I missed a book somewhere.

    The Star Wars Timeline thread didn't seem to have all the books listed.
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    Zahn has the other two Thrawn books out. It takes place a few years after his first trilogy. I read them last year.

    The Tales from... series of books are interesting. Good short stories from different characters' points of view.

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    I've read all of the Tales From.. books. They were good, well, most of them at least. I've also read the Han Solo Trilogy.
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    Well, I went to Borders. They have a special where you buy any 3 paperbacks, you get 1 free. So, I bought Heir to the Empire, the last 2 books in the Jedi Academy Trilogy, and Truce at Bakura. That should hold me for a few months.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    i haven't read the x-wing books or njo, but think i've gotten through all the others. i'd say truce at bakura was the worst that i recall.


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