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Thread: Oppo Rancisis

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    Oppo Rancisis fans unite!

    Lets all have a great discussion about how much we love the great Oppo Rancisis!!!

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    if only i knew who that was...
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    Dood, how can you not know Oppo, he's everyone favorite hairy serpentine Jedi, the FAMOUS previous padawan of yaddle, i'm sure you love Yaddle, everyone else does!

    the great oppo
    "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?" - Derek Klivian

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    this is my 50th post

    "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?" - Derek Klivian

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    At last! Someone else who loves Oppo! I really like him and was very surprised when he was so unpopular. I love his ancient hermit look, and the serpent body we breifly saw in AOTC was superb, if only he had been in the arena battle. At least he will probably be in Episode 3!
    His EU info is really interesting also, with him being a good military strategy mastermind, and him being a King on Thpispious (or something). But, I admit I didn't expect him to be in Ep2 as he is meant to be very old in TPM, and I expected him to be dead and therefore replaced on the Council for Ep2, but luckily that wasn't to be.
    So yes, I am a big Oppo fan! God I'm sad...
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    so am i just want a figure of him.I loved seeing his taile in AOTC,i figured out he was a huge snake from one of my books.
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    you guys think he ever just goes off and kills guards? i mean, he looks like he'd be the insane jedi that just went crazy and started killing people.
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    Lol, yea man, i can see him just letting loose some kind of crazed battle cry, slicing off heads left and right, then depa billaba tries to stop him and gets decapitated because shes really that useless

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    where was that snake jedi when the battle was on???
    everyone else was involved
    is he too good to fight with the rest of the jedi??

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    Oppo Rancesis

    Has anybody got a clear picture of Oppo Rancesis' bottom half, I always thought that he was either folding his legs in the council scenes or had small legs but my friend thinks that he has got a tail a bit like Jabba, can anybody clear this up or even better did anyone see him in the arena battle?
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