Ok, here is what I have.


R2D2 with sensorscope c-9 1977
Luke in Bespin c-9 light hair wear with pistol no saber 1977 or 1980, I forget.
Weequay Complete Nr Mint/Mint 1980
Dengar Complete NrMint/Mint 1980
ReeYees Complete (I think it is the wrong gun, not sure) Mint 1980
Bossk Complete NrMint/Mint 1980

These figures are really nice. All are mint except Luke and R2 have a little wear. I can provide Large Sized High Resolution pictures via email.

I am looking for any Vintage Star Wars figures Complete and Near Mint. So let me know what you want.

Some key figures I want are Lando Complete, Boba Fett Complete, Vader Complete, and any others you may have.