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    Who infact played Greedo???

    Ok I just came back from the Toronto Sci FI Expo. There were a few Star Wars actors there Garrick Hagon (Biggs) Richard LeParmentier (Motti) Peter Mayhew (you know...) and Paul Blake (Greedo???) Now if im not mistaken wasn't Greedo played by Maria de Aragon.....have I been mislead or were there simply two Greedos???
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    Paul Blake did indeed play Greedo during principle photography and if you've ever seen the original Cantina sequence from the BtM CD ROM you'll see a cruder version of Greedo's mask. Greedo also speaks with a British accent

    My guess is GL was unsatisfied with the immobile nature of the original mask and asked for another one to be created, with the little lip movements we're so used to seeing. For these pick-ups Maria de Aragon was used for Greedo.

    I think the only shot of the Paul Blake Greedo still remaining is when he is shot by Han and the table seems to explode in front of him.
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    Barada, from what I've read and seen, your speculation is right on the mark. The cantina sequence seen on the Behind the Magic CD is from principle photography in England. Replacment shots and additonal alien footage was produced in California and the reshoots of Greedo were made at that time. Ironically I too thought Maria deAragon was the only Greedo until Paul Blake started showing up on convention guest lists recently. I have a Greedo figure signed by Ms. deAragon, and since both she and Paul Blake are scheduled guests at the upcoming Sci-Fi Expo and Toy Show in Grapevine, Texas (September 8-9, 2001), I will probably have Mr. Blake add his signature as well.
    But this post does raise another question of "who's who". I may not be recalling names but I thought Biggs was played by Dennis Lawson (I believe that is who signed my Biggs figure card), and suddenly the name Garrick Hagon has begun to appear on the convention circuit. Does anyone know what is going on with that mystery?

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    Well thanks guys for helping solve the mystery...and with the biggs mystery....i sat there and looked at the guy....he didn't really look like Biggs. Of course he is much older now...but LeParmentier still looked like Motti. He did however look like the Bruce Waynes father in Batman, so I asked him and apperently he did play Bruce Waynes father. I guess the only way to try and solve this is to start going through some credits...the only other thing is do all these guys charge? last year i got Bulloch's autograph he smiled and said thank you he didn't charge me. Not that I mind was just unexpected. Do some of these guys get an up front fee and that was they dont charge further? Oh well I guess it beats the $150.00 Shatner was charging to see him with an autograph.....
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    OK Just went through some credits, Denis Lawson infact played Wedge....while Garrick Hagon did play Biggs....
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    ...and Dennis Lawson plays (real-life)uncle to one Ewan McGregor if I am not mistaken!
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    From what I know they filmed a part of Cantina sequence somewhere (?) and then did an other shoot again later (Might be a different place then what it was the first time but I can't be sure) which would also explain 2 actors playing Greedo.
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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    ...and Dennis Lawson plays (real-life)uncle to one Ewan McGregor if I am not mistaken!
    Unless we're both basing our info on the same incorrect sources, I think you're right.

    muskrat, did you mean it was Biggs or Motti who played Dr Wayne in Batman? And, in either case, do you realize the ramifications of that? Yet another movie to star two Star Wars stars! (Billy Dee Williams played a pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent in the first film; two other movies that pop immediately to mind are Pulp Fiction and Sleepy Hollow.)
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    Ya know I completely forgot Billy Dee played D.A Harvey Dent, guess I always forget that, since somehow Harvey Dent turned white in Batman Forever thanks to Tommy Lee Jones. The actor who played Bruce Waynes father was infact Garrick Hagon, who also played Biggs in SW. Maybe its because im half a sleep who were in the actors in Pulp Fiction?? I guess Samuel L. is obvious, but who is the other?
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    I have no idea what her name is, but the actress who played Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction ("I'll execute the whole. . . lot of you!") also played the pilot of the Radiant VII in TPM. Two equally small roles, I suppose, but it must be nice to list both those movies--and speaking parts, no less--on your resume.
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