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    Unhappy Rest in Peace Davey Boy Smith
    "World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is saddened to report the loss of former WWE Superstar Davey Boy Smith. As the British Bulldog, Smith had a stellar career, becoming an Intercontinental, Tag Team, European and Hardcore Champion."
    "Davey Boy Smith, who for several years has had a life infested with personal demons, sadly passed away last night of cardiac arrest. It happened on a scheduled vacation with his wife in Envereme, British Columbia. Smith was 39 years of age...not much in the way of details at this time but we will continue to try and gather them over the next few days.

    This year has really been something...and not in a good way for the business as far as deaths, losing McDaniel, Royal, Thesz, now Smith, and countless others...we can only hope things will take a turn for the better.

    We at want to extend our sympathies to the family and friends, including the Hart family, during this time of sorrow. He will be missed without question."

    He was one of my favorites . . .

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    I was never a fan of his at all. But he looked rather ill the last few years. I suppose that is what years of steroid abuse will do to you, along with the heart disease. The whole Hart family, which he was a part of, has had so many problems in their life, I find it sad.
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    I think he will be missed even if he was past his best. He'll be remembered as one of the few UK wrestlers to make it big in the US.

    Unfortunaltely I can't say I'm surprised by his passing away. All the problems with his back, painkiller addiction and steroid abuse must take its toll on you. My sympathies go out to his family and friends, I only wonder if Smith would ever have made up with Tom Billington?

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    The Hart family has had a rough few years. Seems Bret Hart got the least of it when Vince McMahon screwed him out of the company in 97. Then Owen died in 99. I wasnt a fan of Smith's, but he was still talented in his prime. My condolences to his family and close friends.
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    Farewell Davey.

    Can someone explain the Hart family connection? Was he directly related to them?

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    He married Bret Hart's sister, which made them brother-in-laws.

    They did a nice tribute to him on RAW tonight, even voiced over by Vinnie Mac himself.
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    Thanks QLD, that makes sense. I thought he was British, so I doubted he was related to the Canadian Harts by blood.

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    That's what I am here for.

    Or was it Star Wars?

    Ahhh....who can remember
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    Boshek, who are McDaniel, Royal, and Thesz? I don't recognize those names. I'm not a wrestling fan.


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    I read a report today that said that the medical examiner believes that the cause of death was heart failure brought on by steroid use.

    They are going to have his body in Canada for a memorial service, and then his father is having his body brought back to England for burial.

    and Smurfvader.....

    Wahoo McDaniel, and Lou Thesz. Royal I am not sure of. But also Russ Haas also died recently. He was an up and coming talent in the WWE who hadn't hit the big time yet.
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