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    Will Mace Windu betray the Jedi? (discussed in Revenge of the Sith Thread)

    This is discussed in the later posts in the Revenge of the Sith thread.

    Just wanted people to know so if they are thinking what I am thinking, than they will know where to go look for it.
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    I don't think Mace will. After all, there's never been any mention of any other jedi betraying in the OT, only Anakin's betrayal. Granted, with Mace dead by the time of the OT, Obi-Wan may have had little reason to tell Luke about that, but that would still be a fairly big point to bring across to Luke when Obi-Wan was telling him that big long story.

    If Mace does wind up betraying the jedi, it will be an incredibly well kept secret with absolutely no slight clues given through TPM or AOTC.

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    Well, Mace is up to something. I can just tell. Even if he's not the one who erased Kamino from the archives, he's definitely hiding something.

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    Doubt it very much Mace does not seem at all interested in betraying the Jedi but preserving them.

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    To Believe that, Mace wants us...

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    I thought about this before. But i'm not sure if it will happen or not, then again it all depends on E3s story, it would either work well, or it wouldnt.
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    Yeah, I'm having doubts about that already. In writing my E3 plotline (this forum) I kept Mace a good guy.

    There could be a side trip with him trying to locate the Loyalists so he could take care of them (in my story) but Boba Fett interferes because he doesn't understand they are on the same side and he has this grudge to pay. Whatever, either way, Mace's demise works to Padme's escape.

    I like it better than Qui-Gon's voice tells them that there is life in the Force while their is imbalance. Then Mace, Yoda, and Obi-Wan begin to learn about this because it affects Obi-Wan's apprentice (the darkness that disturbs Qui-Gon from beyond the grave).

    So Mace vanishing proves it can be done, so Yoda and Obi-Wan know how to do this later.

    Then Mace is a Great Hero and also responsible for the training of Luke Skywalker to be able to continue because Obi-Wan can talk to him.

    I'm liking that even better.
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    I don't know Tycho.I'm starting to believe Mace will be the sith lord.Notice how he is always wanting to know what Yoda is doing.And in AOTC he wants to tell the Senate that they no longer have the power of the force.Dooku is trying to destroy the sith within.I believe Mace erased the achives and Palp is Spho-Dias.Thoughts.............
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    From the scene where he's talking to Yoda, and they are discussing "their inability to use the Force as much, maybe it is time to tell the senate, etc." it seems that Mace is more of a "Right-winger" in that he'll do all in his power to preserve the way of the Jedi Order, no matter what the costs.

    So no, I don't think he'll betray them.
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