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    Shop smart, shop S mart! its true its true!

    Well for all you fellow deadites, it true its true Evil dead 4. pick up the new cinescape. Its still good to be King...
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    Hooray! ***begin the snoopy dancing music***
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    Care to scan and post the page? Last I heard they weren't going to do another one, because Universal and Dino De Laurentiis made them change the ending to "Army of Darkness" to the happy S-Mart ending, instead of the original Ash in the future ending. It would be cool to see another, and hopefully final Evil Dead film. It's a good franchise, but it shouldn't be milked to death.

    Oh well, even if they do 4 they can do it from the original ending to Army of Darkness. After all, the ending to Evil Dead II and the start of Army of Darkness doesn't match up. I would definatly prefer the film follow the original Ash in the Future Wasteland storyline. Much better idea then the same old thing again.

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    I'll have to pick up this issue of cinescape then. I hope it really turns out to happen.

    P.S. Good to see you back Sith Worm.
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    I really don't care which storyline they decide to take it off of, I'm just glad that we might be getting another movie. Bruce Campbell's offical website still doesn't have anything about it being a go. I guess we'll just have to see.
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    I was just out and took a look at the article. It doesn't say 100% for sure that there will be another Evil Dead movie. All it says,(which we already know since it's old news), is that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are teaming up to make a low budget horror film. It hasn't been confirmed that it is an Evil Dead movie. I for one hope that it is Evil Dead 4, but Iguess we will all just have to wait and see.
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    I guess I'd be the odd one out then. I was actually much more fond of the "happy" ending. Granted Ash screwing up and ending up in a post-apocalyptic future is funny. I just don't feel...that it's right. Even if it was a forced ending really, give me "Hail to the king baby" over "No....noooo!.....Noooooooooo! *maniacial laughter*".

    So my choice would be for Evil Dead 4 (God willing there will be one) to take off the happy ending.
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    I like the happy ending "Hail to the King" version better also, just because there are so many classicaly funny things in it. I don't mind either way if they decide to take it off of that ending or the futuristic ending, just as long as Evil Dead 4 gets made period. I think they should start working on it as soon as they can or else Bruce Campbell will start to show his years just like Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones.
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    Originally posted by Starfig873
    So my choice would be for Evil Dead 4 (God willing there will be one) to take off the happy ending.
    The game is actually a great sequel to the series using the "happy" ending. It involves Ash going back to the cabin with his new girlfriend, and the hand causing trouble and Evil Ash running rampant.
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    what is exactly the scene with the future at the end of the movie? is it on the dvd as alternate ending or what? I've heard a lot about it but have no idea where it comes from


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