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    I think is a hard call,but I don't think that the WTC should be erased from the flims.I know it brings out the pain and fear and all the anger.But this has happened and it should NEVER beforgotten.We need to hold our heads up,give the one finger salute to the ones who did this and show them that we go on with pride and honor!
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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    give the one finger salute to the ones who did this
    Don't you think they'll be dead by the time you do that???
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    I can totally understand many of these changes, it's just too soon to make most of these references IMO, people are going to be feeling the pain for quite a while. This is the 2nd terrorist attack on the WTC that altered the promotions for a Schwarzenegger film, the first was in '93 when a car bomb was blown up there, the giant inflatable Ahnuld used to promote the film had the sticks of dynamite removed from his hand and replaced them with a badge. Almost nobody wants to be reminded of the pain of these real tragedies when they go to a movie or to watch a tv show, since those are there to escape real life.

    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    Phone Booth has been delayed until next year also.
    Yeah, there's a big loss! Joel Schumacher directs a realtime movie of people in a phone booth. It was slated to be the first big studio film to be released shot with digital cameras (yes, before Ep 2), but it looks like that honor is a goner.

    Originally posted by Fulit
    Next they'll be burning all the copies of the episode of the Simpsons where they go to New York.
    Well, IMO they should have burned that ep before it first aired, I thought that was the first real sign of the show's demise, but I think it would be incredibly unwise to show this episode in reruns for at least 6 months, the US isn't ready to be reminded of the tragedies via their escapism entertainment.

    Originally posted by master jedi
    I heard they're going to actually cut some scenes out of the Spiderman movie that involve the WTC twin towers like the one in the teaser trailer.
    There never were any scenes with the WTC in Spider-Man, from what Sony and entertainment reporters are saying. The trailer was completely seperate from the actual film.

    Originally posted by bigbarada
    I think the studios are taking it too far. It's akin to having a death in the family, then burning all the photos of that person to keep from remembering them.
    Here's the thing, these are pieces of entertainment, not lost loved ones. The studios don't want to be the first to cheese-off anybody who'll feel angry at seeing the WTC or terrorists in their products because it'll make the studios look bad and insensitive to America, and no business that depends largely on the American populus for their income wants to lose what little respect their customers may have for them.
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    Why the heck would the trailor be seperate from the movie? This makes no sense to me.

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    It was a tease of the film, long before last week's tragedy there was a confirmation that the scene was never intended to appear in the film but instead just a little piece of what Spidey can do without giving away any real tidbits.

    So yesterday, Fox 11 chose to air Mrs. Doubtfire instead of Fox News Channel's feed or ID4, and since Mrs. D is a movie shorter than ID4, they aired an ep of That 70s Show at 7pm... here's why I'm mentioning this: One of the characters, dopey Kelso, is interested in finding out what the main protagonist, Eric, is buying his girlfriend. He then asks if it's firecrackers, and says this line when it originally aired:
    ...'cause if it's something that blows up, I'll go halvsies.
    However, there was one change to that line... they blanked out the words "blows up" and they didn't clean it up at all, they left it blank. Very cheesy! In fact, it probably drew more attention to itself than if they had left it in place.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    A digital special effects company Kliezer Walczac, who worked on Stargate, Judge Dredd, Carrie 2 and X-Men were recently told to drop a project they were working on where Santa Claus flies around New York (near the WTC) and chucks presents out of his sleigh which explode toys everywhere. Even though they are only exploding with goodies, they were told to stop animating it because people could take it the wrong way and think it to be innapropriatley tasteless.

    I do agree with stuff like removing the rap groups cover which shows destruction of the WTC, but it should stay there on Friends because then it would be like pretending it didn't happen.

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    Edits in the short run on upcoming releases are one thing. Going back and editing existing shows and movies is completely different. I know the NYC episode of Simpsons will probably never air again, but I'd like the opportunity to re-view it when the DVD set of that season is released. And, as painful as it would be to see the Twin Towers, I'd like the Spider-Man DVD (assuming the movie's good enough to make me want the DVD) to include this trailer--though probably as a hidden bonus. It was an excellent trailer, and reflects the time in which it was made--before the attacks. Burying it would be one thing, actually destroying it is another.

    The digital editing of Friends, if true, is ridiculous, though. Yes, it would be impossible to not address it this season. However, to erase all traces of the towers is akin to saying, "These towers never existed, and five thousand people didn't die in them." That really downplays what happened.

    In short, the entertainment industry should use judgment as to what they release or air, but existing shows or movies shouldn't be changed. Should all future releases of AC-DC's Stiff Upper Lip have "I Feel Safe in New York City" removed? Should the opening lyrics to the film version of the Transformers theme ("Something evil's coming over you/Coming from the sky above, and there's nothing you can do") be bleeped out? No, because at what point do you stop? Today, we're denying the prior existence of the Twin Towers. Tomorrow, what if the entertainment industry decides that Bob Dylan's protesting of the Vietnam War is not conducive to the patriotic atmosphere in the country and burns his old recordings?
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    I thought of something else about that moronic rap group with the album cover depicting them blowing up the WTC. In an interview, the "leader" of the group or whatever, said the picture reffered to their disdain for capitalism. read carefully. A MUSICIAN DOESN'T LIKE CAPITALISM. Why, if it wasn't for capitalism, he wouldn't be able to even make a "career" writing his crappy songs and spewing his hypocritical rhetoric. I hate these people that live in this country and reap it's many benefits and then do nothing but put it down and complain about it. If Mr. Whiny Rapper (I don't know the groups name) desn't like capitalism, maybe he should move to China or Cuba. Oh, wait then he might have to get a REAL job.
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    I am pleased to hear that the Spidey scenes were just teaser fodder and not from the film proper. Had they been, that would truly be a knee-jerk reaction (my first thought before I heard the reality of the scene). Delay of terrorist plot films is a good move however. I was just concerned about films that had little more than the presence of the towers were being shelved or altered. I think that the American public realizes that there was a time when the towers still stood and their presence is not as hurtful as their deliberate absence.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    It was a tease of the film, long before last week's tragedy there was a confirmation that the scene was never intended to appear in the film but instead just a little piece of what Spidey can do without giving away any real tidbits.

    If this is true then I think it's pretty stupid, to me, that they did this. I wanted part of the actual movie in the teaser.


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