A bunch of upcoming films are being resceduled and/or dumped altogether in the wake of the Tragedy.

Shwarzenegger's Collateral Damage has been pulled off release lists permanently as it deals with a terrorist bombing a building.

Sonnenfeld's Big Trouble with Tim Allen and Rene Russo is being pushed back until spring because it deals with a bomb threat on a plane.

All the Spiderman trailers and Posters are being destroyed because of the WTC references.

MIB2 is being redone because the ending had the WTC turning into giant spaceships or ships flying into them.

I haven't heard anything about the new Jack Ryan film with Ben Affleck Sum of All Fears but it deals with mid east terroists nuking the superbowl, so it reamins to be seen whether they will finish that one.

Episodes of Friends are being digitally altered to remove WTC from background shots.

Anybody heard anything else about the future of cinema in regards to this Tragedy?