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    A few questions about upcoming figures from the new guy...

    hello all im wondering if you guys could help me out please- i have a few questions:

    1- is there going to be a Barriss Offee figure? her and Luminara are prolly my favorite new jedi...

    2- will we be seeing a figure of anakin with "the hand"?

    3- and finally has there been a figure made of young jedi anakin from the end of episode 1? what about a corran horn? thanks everyone for your help
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    1. Only time will tell on Barriss Offee. There is a good possibility of her being made sooner or later. Since she is a unique looking Jedi.

    2. Maybe later, if you want one now. Just take a Anakin: Hanger Duel and an E1 C-3PO and cut the hand off and switch them. Give the C-3PO a quick gold paint wash and done. It's not 100% accurate, but it's close for now.

    3. Yes there was a Anakin Skywalker: Padawan figure made. It was released in the E1 line as Anakin Skywalker: Naboo. Here is a link to a picture, and more information in Sir Steve's Collector's Database: Anakin Skywalker: Naboo. So far, no Corran Horn figure.

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