View Poll Results: Which is your favorite Star Wars movie Now?

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  • The Phantom Menace

    23 1.32%
  • Attack of the Clones

    568 32.66%
  • A New Hope

    170 9.78%
  • The Empire Strikes Back

    807 46.41%
  • Return of the Jedi

    171 9.83%
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    So which is your favorite Star Wars movie Now?

    Alright, a lot of people have been suggesting a poll that ranks the Star Wars movies.

    Well, it's going to be a little tougher than that! Maybe we'll have to do this brackett tournament style, but we're going to determine the Best, first.

    So you can vote for only ONE - your current Favorite Star Wars movie out of five.

    If we want to rank the movies, the winner of the title "Best Star Wars Movie Now" will drop out of the selection between the next 4. Then we'll obviously learn which one is second best and so on.

    However, this poll will provide a great forum for comparing each of the movies with one another (something I haven't seen started on these forums yet, but that is predictable, sooner than later anyway).

    So vote for your favorite and tell us why you think so!
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    I rank them in the following order (least to fave):

    5. Return of the Jedi
    4. The Phantom Menace
    3. A New Hope
    2. The Empire Strikes Back
    1. Attack of the Clones - Yup, it's my favorite :happy:

    I'm 28...saw "A New Hope" in the theater the day it was released in 1977. My mom took me to see it 17 times in the theatre. She saved all of the ticket I have a great mom!
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    This poll was though. AOTC has the most plot and action of them all. Yet it only leads up. The Phantom Menace has some plot but a lo of talking and annoying things. Yet it is a good intro to the story. ANH introduced Star Wars and has many famous lines. Yet the most important events take place in the next two movies. EMPIRE has little plot yet the best scene. But with JEDI everything comes full circle and the balance is made. I vote JEDI for best because it ends the story near perfectly. I also do not mind Ewoks and it was also the first Star Wars movie I saw. I think many younglings who have just started seeing Star Wars will like AOTC the most.
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    OK, in order, my favorites go as follows:

    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Return of the Jedi
    3. Attack of the Clones
    4. New Hope
    5. Phantom Menace

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    You might state your age and what movie you saw first (example: A New Hope in 1977) and then which one you liked best.

    That's not a bad idea.
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    Here is my order. One being my favorite and five the least favorite.

    1-The Empire Strikes Back
    2-A New Hope
    3-Attack Of The Clones
    4-The Phantom Menace
    5-Return Of The Jedi

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    The first one i saw was Star Wars " A New Hope" when i was 6 years old back in 1977.

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    I voted ANH. I saw it first in 1977 when I was about 8 years old.

    It's disturbing and disheartening to see such low numbers for ANH. Empirically speaking, ANH is a much stronger film than the others when you look at it's positive attributes across the board. Plot, character development, pacing, dialogue, humor, direction, fx, art direction, sound... There may be specific examples in the other films that may be better, but in terms of "scoring" the film on the whole, ANH far and away is a more solid effort. And besides, it is ANH that is the cause for the rest of the films and the cause for fans in the first place. Without ANH, none of the others would have been made. It can't possibly be so bad as to score just above TPM. That's just crazy. Well, Bush got elected too, so there's no accounting for rational thought.

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    I'm with you stillakid.....I voted for's like a highschool girlfriend..I was 5 years old when I saw it...and if you give me the option to see in my life only one SW movie I'll choose ANH...I know other movies are more complex, darker, but ANH is a world in itself....a lot of innocence, a lot of growing up......we all could have lived with only that StarWars film...
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    My favorites... 1 being the Best 5 being the least favorite....

    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Attack of the Clones
    3. Return of the Jedi
    4. A New Hope
    5. The Phantom Menace

    Why? because Empire strikes back had such a big BOOM throughout not only the begining of the movie, but towards the middle, and the end. So what does that mean? It held my interest throughout the whole movie! Attack of the clones would of been my favorite if there was more Jedi involved. Lucas did not really touch up on the Jedi, its like i had a glance of all of them. Another thing about the movie is with Anakin. He should of been in there longer with the 2 sabers fighting, but within 5-6 seconds his hand was cut off! How depressing, a whole 5 seconds with 2 light sabers. I thought it would be a lot better if the Jedi's were shown more and the duel between Dooku and Anakin (2 light sabers) was longer. Perhaps I will get to see Luminara Unduli for more then 2 seconds in the third film =\. We'll see what happens.



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