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    Post 12 inch Jango accesories: which is best.

    Removable helmet is very good.
    Pistols probably

    but for me, I like to add Jenna Jameson Collector Edition Figure to battle Jango. Jango likes the Jenna's "heart breaker" tattoo. All they need is Jango's 12 inch buddy Zam Wessel to join the battle.

    Jango is a stud
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    I agree, the removable helmet is the best - for playing.

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    Yes, when is Zam coming out. Hopefully she'll be better than prototype.

    Is Jenna another Female Bounty Hunter in AOTC or is she connected to the Bald pasty lady in the red jumpsuit in Menace?
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    Anyway, is that Fett the same as Ultimate Fett? Is it electronic?

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    Yes, I got the 12 inch Jango. I believe it is the Ultimate, as I have heard nothing on the electronic Fett.

    I'd like to see a young boba in the 12 inch line

    Jango's best accesory is his Western Style Gunslinging Pistols and Holster. He' s ready for the OK coral.
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    darth yambag,

    there is a 12 inch jenna jameson doll? got a link where i can see any photos? is it like those playboy statue dolls?

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    I love the helmet and the blasters. Also like that they included both of his jetpacks so we can switch them every once in a while.
    BTW, I pray that 12 inch Zam is just a production photo or a prototype, because if that is the one they release, I will definately pass. I was looking forward to her 12 inch figure because I like her character, but what we have seen was utterly dissappointing.
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