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    Sean the Hutt
    Hi Jedicole, this is Sean. If you really want one I may be able to wrangle one up. Let me make a few phone calls. I'm with you I really want the Tie Bomber...preferebly more than one...DID YOU HERE THAT WALMART? Order more than you think you will need. Sooner or later they will sell!

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    In the store i buy my SW stuff it disappeared FAST...they had 8 and they were gone that same day.
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    Exclamation All gone in one store

    Looks like I spoke too soon or I've tipped off the other collectors (or scalpers) about these babies. One store had no more and the other one still has a bunch but not as much as before.
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    I have finally got mine, but man it was hard. I still have yet to see these things actually sitting on the shelf waiting to be bought.
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    Every TRU that I go to still has a lot of these things, truly a pegwarmer!
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    That's unbelievable. Its amazing how some items are pegwarmers in some parts of the country, yet complete rarities in other parts. I haven't seen any TIE-Interceptors at the 2 ToysR-Us in my area. Partly due to the fact that a handful of employees at each store buy most of the new POTJ stuff before it goes on the shelves.

    Im still looking for a couple of the new interceptors, but I doubt I'll be able to get any from the stores here. (*wink* can anyone help me out here, )

    I also heard they stopped shipping, any truth to this?
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    The Tie Interceptor was not an pegwarmer in South Carolina. I only seen it once at TRU. I picked up two. One for me and one for a friend.

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    I've only seen one at the TRU in El Paso, since it's release.
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    Well, I've had no problem finding the TIE Interceptor. As for the B-Wing...I've NEVER seen one in the stores...same goes for the Y-Wing!

    I ended up trading 1 TIE Int. for 1 B-Wing and 1 TIE Int. for 1 Y-Wing!!!

    It's Hasbro's lousy distribution system!

    Or, maybe it's the stores fault for not ordering the EXCLUSIVES!

    Who knows?
    May the force be with you.

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    My TRU has still not gotten any in (nor, I fear, will they) I hedged my bets and ordered one from and a friend of mine from CA said he's getting me a second for Xmas. If they do eventually show up at TRU and then go clearance, I'll buy about a half dozen more. These things kick butt!


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