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    Question Pegwarmer TIE Interceptor?

    I was in a TRU last night and found a pile of TIE Interceptors in the middle of the sales floor (probably about 30 of them). There were more on the upper shelves and I didn't even buy one since I already got several of the vintage.

    A couple of days before that I was in another TRU and it also had almost the same number of TIE Interceptors as the other one. I was able to speak to a couple of store personnel on both stores and it looks like they already had them in stock from last weekend.

    Is this happening in your area?
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    Not even remotely, I've still not seen one in stores with my own eyes.
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    I haven't had any trouble finding mine. There seems to be at least 4 or 5 every time a visit a TRU. Pretty much any Star Wars item that is over 20 bucks will warm the shelf i.e. Sith Lords, Dewback, a lot of the 12 inch, and the Queen's Ship.
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    I suppose you lucky you can find them. I have yet to see ONE in my area. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen the new wave of figures yet. I guess it takes longer to trickle down to some places.
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    I have yet to see an interceptor round here, but i assume I'll eventually find one. I did manage to find the b-wing on a couple of occasions and i thought that would be really hard to find considering all the talk of sku# and late night stock boy beatings.
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    I got a tip that my TRU had 5 on the shelf, then a couple of hours later they were gone. Need I point out my theory that the guy who runs K&C Collectibles probably came in and bought them all? I have no proof of this, except he does have them for sale on his site, and I have asked him personally before if he gets his exclusives from the stores around Little Rock or if he orders them for sale online, and he said he gets them from the stores. I know I'm sounding like a broken record all the time about K&C, but you know how it is.
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    Sean the Hutt
    My toys r us had about 6 that did not make the shelves. And another 12 that about half hit the shelf. I was lucky. Now however my toys r us in San Diego has no Star Wars toys at all! No new 12 inch, and all the other figs were taken to the land of unwanted toys I guess.

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    Originally posted by Sean the Hutt
    No new 12 inch, and all the other figs were taken to the land of unwanted toys I guess.
    Yes they have arrived safe and sound her in Australia, I thank you for not buying them and nope I haven't seen them yet
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    It's been a little less than a week since I've last looked, but I have yet to see any on a TRU shelf. I asked at a couple of stores and, even when I explain that Toys R Us, the very store the work for, is the ONLY place you can buy them, they look at me like I've asked for a grilled weasel. It is amazing how little information gets to the store level. Obviously someone, somewhere in the TRU chain of command knew these things were coming and roughly when, and should have alerted the stores to the demand, perhaps even established a call list.
    Someone had posted a reply to a thread and mentioned getting on a call list at a store (probalby) not more than 30 minutes from me. The staff at my local TRUs scratched their heads and said, "Try back around Christmas time"! I did receive an email that some had shown up at one of the TRUs in my area (thank you JediDave), but was unable to follow up on that one. Hopefully it will be something of a "peg warmer" around here as the B-Wing certainly appears to be. The folks from "Anakin's Army" appeared at the local toy show last weekend with an embarassing 30 count "wall o'B-Wings" and left that Sunday with just that many. I told people at the show to just check out a few Targets, everyone I'd been to before or since that weekend had B-Wings to spare (a minimum of two per store on open shelves). I am just hopeful I can find a TIE Bomber with some ease, that is the only one I REALLY want.
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    I've only seen one, which I snatched up. I think the only reason it was still lying on the shelf at the TRU in San Bernardino was the dented box.
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