i was in hallmark today, and they have a three piece, ep. I star wars set, which contains the droid control ship, naboo fighter, and droid fighter. the main reason i am bringing this set to everyones attention, is the droid control ship. it is a perfect mm substitute, until sets XIV-XVI are sighted.

the set goes for $14.99, and is definately well worth picking up, just to get an mm droid control ship.

i only had enough money on me to get two, so i got one fer me, and one fer brit cit (as i am sure they do not have hallmark in england),

if anyone can't find it, and want one, let me know and i will pick them up next weekend.

i modified mine, by putting a hole in the bottom, and it fits perfectly on a mm stand. i also took a pair of pliers to the little ornament hanging hook on top.

it looks exactly like an mm version of the ship, and is well worth having.