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    Schmi's Death, Plot of Palpitine?????

    Anyone think so?????
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    Sure now you got me thinking. I never thought of it, but I would doubt Palpatine is behind it. Makes a person think though, Palpatine would know that the death of Anakin's mom would bring out the hate in him. Things that make you go hmmm.

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    No. Why wouldn't Palpatine just kill the mom or at least tell Ani that his mom was kidnapped so he would be sure to go berzerk?

    At this point Palpatine should know of ani's brazenness and his potential to be turned. But why would he want Ani at this point to be a Sith? He already has Dooku. By EP3, Ani should be powerful enough to take over for Dooku and Palpatine will have all that time between 2 and 3 to bend his ear.
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    I think Palpatine had an eye on Anakin anyway. He noticed and commented on his kick-*** jedi skills. Also, being all sith-ed up and stuff he could probably sense Anakin's anger and saw the potential.

    The death of Anakin's mum is just an unfortunate occurance that influences Anakin turning to the dark side. If his mum hadn't been killed would he have still turned?....

    (I hope that makes sense!)

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    Hmmmm.I've only seen it once so if my factoids are little off please forgive me.While I don't think Palpy was directly behind it,I wonder if he wasn't aware of the situation and was eager to use it to his advantage.Anakin said he couldn't sleep because of dreams about his mother.And Palpy wants Ani sent to Naboo with Padme.Now this idea may have had more than one motive.If Ani was some what aware that his mother was in trouble,then Palpy may have been too.If he could keep Ani away from Tatooine just a little longer she'd die and help push Anakin along Palpy's path.What do you all think?Any merit to this idea?
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    Yes, I think old Palpy has got his fingers in everything we are seeing take form. And probably in ways that aren't so obvious, but may be revealed in EPS 3 or in novels.
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    Did we watch the same movie? Palpatine had nothing to do with her death.
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    Palpy might have something to do with Shmi's death, although I doubt it. I wouldn't be surprised if he did though. I'm gonna keep an open mind on that one though. I'm SURE he had something to do with Anakin's protecting of Padme on Naboo. He knows that attatchment is forbidden for the Jedi and that Anakin's involvment with Padme, who he's been manipulating from both sides since TPM, is bound to stir up feelings in Anakin that will turn him to the dark side. Why else would he assign Obi Wan (and therefore Anakin by default) to protect her. He could care less for her safety. He KNOWS Anakin has always had feelings for her, he can sense it, he's a freakin master of the force!! For this reason, I think that it is also POSSIBLE that, when EIII rolls around, we could be shown that Palpy had a hand in Shmi's demise somehow. The fact that, as far as we know, Tuskens kill anyone around them who's not a Tusken makes me lean towards Shmi's death as a coincidence, since I can't se the Tuskens making a deal with anyone based on what they've been shown as in the movies so far.
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    i don't really know. i mean, how would he be able to talk to the tuskens and tell them "go after her and i will reward you handsomly." but, you know george. he can make anything happen that he wants. but i think all of this will be unraveled in E3. just have to wait ANOTHER 3 years...
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    I honestly think there might be something there. I won't say that I think this is the case for certain, but I think it's quite possible that Palpatine may even have had a hand in this. Ever since I had first heard descriptions of Shmi's death months ago I thought there seemed to be more to it. Why would the Tusken Raiders kidnap her? Why wouldn't they have tried to capture any of the members of her search party and make them prisoners as well? Where and how did the rumor that Aurra Sing would be involved in her death originate? What reason would they have had to keep her around for a month?
    Getting back to the Aurra Sing rumor (whether anyone likes her or not), Lucas DID say that he planned to use her in Ep. 2. He even said that she was to play a major part in the story. I think it is entirely possible that the rumor may have started as fact. Again, please keep in mind that this is pure speculation on my part based on what little evidence there is, and is in no way based on any level of appreciation I may or may not have for the character. Part of the rumor stated that Aurra Sing was to have been secretly hired by Plapatine to kidnap Shmi and frame the Tusken's for her death in order to give Anakin a starting shove down the dark path. One of the rumors I'd heard was that Aurra Sing was to have kidnapped Shmi with the help of a band of bounty hunters while disguised as Tusken Raiders, and then leave her for dead near a Tusken encampment. Supposedly (according to the rumors) the Tusken's were to have discovered her and would've attempted to nurse her back to health (which admittedly wouldn't explain why they would've kept her tied to that frame the way she was, but honestly, what do we know about Tusken medicine? Maybe the frame was used in some kind of healing ritual). Anakin would later discover the encampment and, not knowing a whole lot about Tusken Raider culture, assume that they actually were the one's responsible, which would lead to his viciously and cruelly slaughtering the whole tribe. I think if Anakin were to discover this was the case in Ep. 3 that the guilt alone would go a long way toward pushing him MUCH closer to the Dark Side! In fact, what if Palpatine were able to convince Anakin that the Jedi had hired Sing to kill Shmi (fans of the EU know that Aurra Sing is supposed to have had ties to the Jedi order in the past. In some of the comics she's even had dealings with the Tusken Raiders in the past!) in order to eliminate Anakin's ties to his past. He might possibly be convinced that the Jedi Council had seen his connection to his mother (and his LOVE for her) as an obstacle to his training and the fulfillment of their prophecy. Did Lucas film scenes with Aurra Sing that revealed her to be the real killer of Shmi? Did he decide to leave that fact a mystery to be revealed in Ep. 3? If so, then WILL we learn the truth in Ep. 3, or did Lucas decide not to take the story this direction and just cut the scene's he might've filmed, thus eliminating them from the story entirely? An interesting theory, think. Please remember, though, that I submit this post ONLY as theory, and do not imply that I think that any of this is gospel or not. Might be interesting to see play out though.


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