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    Thumbs up seeking: 3&3/4fig accessories trade(s)

    howdy Vellow Traders,
    i have the following to offer, all mint o-o-p: red clonetrooper's rifle & firing tripod cannon, coruscant guard rifle, sote boussh staff and commtech stormie's riflerack.
    i seek any & all of the following in trade: assassin droid that comes w/obiwan, preview zam wesell's rifle & pistol, orn free ta's senatecam droid & its clear stand. may also consider any ep2 lightsabre handles that detach from the blade
    here are a few of my trader credentials, u.s traders preferred to keep shipping cost low; questions welcome, i can always be reached via email or on the mm forum in case i forget to check for replies here

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    Thumbs up i just realized. . .

    . . .i can also include r3-t7's circular lightning bolt in any trade
    don't everyone beat my door down at once

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    Lightbulb oh Yeah? well suppose i was also able to offer. . .

    . . . the background & box from ep2 3po; would That sweeten this tradin pot for ya??

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    Arrow small update:

    i finally opened my red cloney; even though i didn't think his rifle suited him, i let my potj ig88 hold just to see what it'd look like.
    i ain't decided for sure yet, but so far it looks damn cool to me in ig's grip so until further notice, red cloney rifle's not eligible for this trade. every other mentioned item above, however, remains on the table
    ok, that's all, thanx for your time, go back to your homes, nuthin 2 see here

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    Thumbs up update

    i am now also able to offer loose cloud city capture chewbacca (a friend bought one but only wanted the electronic 3po) the stormie gun he comes with is also available
    also, an addition to my wantlist: the sithdroid & its stand included w/the new sith training maul figure

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    hango fett's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    hey...i got the 2 djas guns. i need yodas lightsaber and cane. how about it?
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Lightbulb yeah guys, hango seeks yodasabre & cane, so how bout it :)

    cuz while i wouldn't Mind getting a djas gun, i'm afraid i won't be getting a yoda, much less his accessories. so anyone else here able to help out hango?
    cuz of a pending trade with jonboy, the 3po box and commtech riflerack are spoken for until further notice. however, i am now also able to offer fb jango's fireball, and the plastic cloak that came with flashback leia
    cuz of same pending trade, for now i no longer seek assassin droid. i was also recently able to get hold of oft's senatecam droid & its clear stand, so i no longer need that either. however i'm now seeking the jetpack from preview jango or baby boba (either one, it's my understanding they're both the same, right?), and the 3po (both head And the rest of him), from the new deluxe 3po (don't need its conveyor belt or battledroid). so, to update:
    my offerings:
    cloud city chewy & his gun
    red clonetrooper's firing tripod cannon
    ep2 3po background
    r3t7 spiral-sparks
    sote boussh staff
    corusguard rifle
    fb leia cloak
    fb jango fireball
    my wants
    3po fig from ep2 deluxe 3po
    preview zam's rifle & pistol
    preview jango/babyboba jetpack
    probe droid & its clear stand from new sith training maul
    var. lightsaber handles that detach from their blades (don't need the blades)
    so LET'S MAKE US A DEAL!!!

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    Wink i'm gunna git Monty Hall on yo azzzizzz

    cuz of recent completed trade with supertrader jonboy, i no longer need fettpack. all other wants & offerings listed in prev. post remain valid

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    Lightbulb update

    above haves & wants remain valid, but now i'm also offering tie pilot's pistol, the teemto figure & his goggles (just wanted the spider droid & pod debris it came with)

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    Lightbulb update

    all above wants & offerings remain valid but now i also offer vintage bespin leia's printed vinyl cloak and vintage boussh rifle
    also feel free to combine any of these trade options with any from my figure trade options


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