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    Deluxe Yoda Idea

    Okay the king of idea's here:

    Deluxe Yoda
    Hanger Duel (Blur)

    You know what that means, yoda could have an attachable motion blur, to show his insane speed, and he could have knee articulation and shoulders and elbows, and a cloth cloak, that way, we can make that little green ball of carnage just as he appears in the movie!!

    Who is with me?!?!?
    "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?" - Derek Klivian

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    I am. Except they should not call him "Deluxe Yoda." I think it should be called "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Yoda." And he better spin like he did in the movie.

    Now we know why Luke said Yoda was a great warrior.
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    War is not what makes Yoda great, it's his charm with Padme and his banter with R2. And of course Mace goes to either him or John Travolta to have deep discussions with
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