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    I loved those .....I remember passing Empire Strikes Back,and Return Of The Jedi...because I bought them, I only had rented A New Hope...Sadly I sold them all along with my SNES years ago....I miss them so much...I wonder if ATOC for Gameboy Advanced is like the old ones...I hope it is.
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    Taken in comparison to today's games, the graphics and gameplay of the SNES games are laughable - you can't go home again. But, I'll tell you what, I had some of the best gameplaying memories of my life with those three games. Definitely some of the most fun I have had with console games. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

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    I love the star wars snes games i have the roms on my pc.

    I know of this great website where you can find gameboy roms that are everycolor of the rainbow. This site has hundreds of gameboy games. It's probably going to be shut down soon but that happens to all good rom sites.
    You cn go to it at the link below:

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    Uhhhh... master jedi, you just linked to an illegal website. I imagine there's a rule against that. You might want to take the link down before your busted.

    You're going to get such a noogie for this, Chase. Shouldn't common sense dictate that that's something you shouldn't post? And you're not even a noobie! *shakes head*

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    no biggie. someone posted the registration info for Quicktime 5, and it stayed. i can dig it up, if anyone needs it.

    if you want to know where to get ROM's (or other stuff ), AIM me, email me, or PM me.
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    I think the graphics still hold up pretty well. In fact, I am so sick of EVERYTHING being in 3-D, I want to puke.
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    Any news on these 3 games coming to the GBA yet??? I mean...all the Mario games are coming, they should also include the Castlevania series and the Mega man series. A link to the past would be welcome also!!
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    It would be cool, but I haven't heard ANYTHING like that.
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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong
    I have said it many times before, and I will say it again.

    Those 3 games were the best SW games ever. I feel as far as music, graphics, story, and fun, they captured the feel of the SW movies better than any before and after. They are simply amazing.
    I 100% agree with you QLD! They were the best Star Wars games EVER!!! I don't think the prequel games would be made for the SNES but it is a possibility for the GBA. I wish the SNES was still going it was one of my favourite games consoles. I think I still have it set up on one TV somewhere, I'll have to check. If I have got it set up I'll be playing the Super Star Wars series ALL NIGHT !!!

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    I have every game system that i ever bought. I still play my SNES for the FInal Fantasy games, SUper Bomberman, Tetris Attack, and others!
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