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    SNES Star Wars games.

    Anyone miss the old SNES games? I do. I think they should make TPM and AOTC for SNES, just for nostalgias sake. They shouldnt try to up the graphics or anything either. Anyone else agree?
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    That would be really cool. But it aint ever gonna happen.

    Maybe someone out there will hack the graphics of the Super Star Wars games and replace the characters with prequal characters. That would be a whole lotta work though....

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    I've seen all of the SNES games on ROMS for the PC. I played a couple a while back and they wern't all that bad.
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    SNES games can be directly ported to Game Boy Advance, perhaps Nintendo could port over the first 3 to GBA and then make new games in the same style!
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    I have said it many times before, and I will say it again.

    Those 3 games were the best SW games ever. I feel as far as music, graphics, story, and fun, they captured the feel of the SW movies better than any before and after. They are simply amazing.
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    Hmm, I Miss the sidescrolling games of yore, but I'm not sure I would like a sidescroller of AOTC or TPM......
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    Wasn't Jedi Power Battles basically a 3D side scrolling game?
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    Yes, but Jedi Power Battles sucked big time.
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    Yeah, I know. I bought it because I heard it was better than the other TPM they put out for PS. I heard they were similar, but I could have heard wrong.
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    Both were pretty bad. But I think I hated Jedi Power Battles more, because it SHOULD have been much better.
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