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    Seeking: EP1, EU, POTJ, and a few Saga figures- please help.

    hello everyone- well i used to be a big collector in 95-97 but took a hiatus and missed out on about half of EP1, all of POTJ and EU so here is a short list that i would like to trade for:

    any POTJ darth maul

    any of the EU series

    any of the EU figures from POTJ (like qui gon in the training gear or snow obi-wan etc..)

    there are also a few Saga figures i am looking for namely Orn Free Taa, Luke bespin, and anything after #40

    while i am looking mostly for MOC figures i dont mind trading for loose/complete figures- but i am going to have to take a good long look at the figures in question before i make a decision.

    now for what i am willing to trade- well i am not sure what you are looking for but i have a ton of loose figures (1995 potf stuff) a loose slave 1 from shadows of the empire, and a few assorted MOC figures- also i can prolly get you almost any Saga figure you are looking for (most recently i picked up Djas Puhr, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) i also have dookus to trade

    anyways if you would like more specific info or want to contact me feel free to PM me here at the site or email me at
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