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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I read about this ridiculous statement from one of America's Top 10 hatemongers last week. This is exactly the type of mentality that we are fighting against. It is actually HE who is most like the terrorists... fighting in ignorance, fear and in the name of God- a God who apparently is not OUR God, for his God is a god of hate and not love.

    Pray for this sad man and all those who follow him.
    I have to agree wholeheartedly here. And also point out that Fallwell's statement rather proves a point. One need not look to the Middle East to find a hate-mongering extremist who uses the name of God to support his own shallow and hurtful views. Is Falwell as bad as Bin Laden? No. Not yet anyway...
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    I can not believe what Falwell was saying.In these times we look to people in these places for help and understanding.When you have a man and I use this term loosely,running off at the mouth with his hate and stupidity you can only wonder why in the blue hell would anyone ever listen to him again. Fawell take time with your bible and some deep prayer and ask God to forgive you STUPIDITY.
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    I heard somewhere that Falwell subtly promotes the bombings of abortion clinics by zealots. If that's true (and I don't know it is, though I do know he's very anti-abortion), then he would certainly be working his way up to Bin Laden's level.

    I heard Falwell's and Pat Robertson's comments on the news yesterday and they were stomach-turning. We shouldn't let them simply shrug this one off IMO, what they did was truly disgusting. Here's the CNN story which contains some of the comments of hatred as well as the "apology":
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    So Falwell (a literary name suggesting his fall from God was an easy one?) apologised. Big whoop. Apology or not- he said his comments were ill-timed. What that means is that at any other time he would have spouted off the same crass remarks because that's what his shriveled little Grinch heart feels. Maybe he'll wait until a new Commerce Centre is built and they'll let him dedicate it by reiterating his ignorance. NOT!!!

    So, I say to you, Mr. Falwell, while you dance with the demons and sleep with the enemy, the little voices with the strongest hearts are doing the will of God with little recognition. We don't need that recognition- we know that our actions are true and pure. We are only motivated by what God has really taught.

    Thank you for your example of what it means to NOT be a Christian.
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    Just a little update for anyone who cares. Apparently Falwell has apologized, saying his remarks were "ill-timed". Meaning, I guess, that he should have waited a few months to lay blame. I also read that he made the remarks on the Pat Roberts? Robertson? show, and Pat agreed with him on the show, then turned around right after it aired and criticized Falwell for saying it.

    These sad sacks lack the conviction to even stand by their hate mongering. It just makes me so friggin' mad!
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    Im sure that anyone who has such a fear and loathing like that, is hiding something!

    How about blaming him for the attack??


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