I have always thought Jerry Falwell was ignorant, but this takes the cake. He was quoted on T.V. as saying something like, "***s and lesbians should point the finger at themselves" for Tuesday's attack. What media person would give this guy the opportunity to say something so stupid? Why is this man allowed to vent his close-minded opinions on T.V.? Whether or not you think homosexuality is wrong, surely you all must agree that blaming ***s for the tragedy has no basis. It makes about as much sense as blaming every Arabian looking person you see. Less. I just think this was a terribly insensitive, ill timed, ignorant thing to say, and I long for the day when morons like him are not asked their opinions on T.V. This is America, where everyone has the right to be unreasonable and stupid, but we don't have to put them all on T.V. do we? They put him on T.V., likely for the same reason they've put a lot of religious figures on, to say something to unite us all, make us feel better, and he says something to further divide us.

When it comes down to it, no one deserves this, and this country, IMO, immoral or not, has done nothing to warrant this. I've heard a lot of "this is America's own fault" crap, there was even a chat room on AOL called "It's our damn fault". I'm sick of it.