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    Needless to say, it should come with the pilot droid as a pack-in. And definitely as close to scale as possible.

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    I do hope some designer is hard at work to make the "mesh" sail frame retractable like in the film.

    What a killer toy this would make.

    PS We've not forgotten about a Sith Infiltrator...
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    Post Ep2 wishlist - figures, vehicles, playsets

    Just an all encompassing thread where everyone can list the 3 3/4" figures, 12" figures, vehicles and playsets they would like to see made from Ep2. Thems the basics, here are the lists:

    3 3/4" figures:
    Clonetrooper "red pajamas"
    Clonetrooper removable helmet
    Clone kid with headset and snap-together computer terminals
    Jedi Younglings
    Klatooinian Jedi
    Weequay Jedi
    Spiderdroid (the one with two big red eyes) DX figure

    12" scale figures
    Kit Fisto
    Dexter Jettster
    Tusken Female with child

    AT-TE (six legged walker)
    the giant mobile laser cannons that took out the Federation ship
    Dooku's ship
    Nute Gunray's ship
    Homestead speeder bike w/ Anakin
    those missile launcher droids with the two giant wheels
    the four legged orb droids with the radar dish on the bottom

    Tusken Camp
    Geonosis Hangar
    Clone training complex with learning terminals, helmet dispenser and drill area

    Mine's definitely not an all inclusive list, but I decided to stick with the stuff I want to see right now.
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    Yep, to what BigB said.
    Just a couple additions.
    The republic drop ships,A new better Mace,and 12" padme in the arena white out fit.I'll think of some others once I get to see the Movie again.
    Oh yeah wookie senator.I saw him there!!!!I did really
    Oh and the Hyperdrive ring for the star fighter
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    How about a clone tank/walker?

    Those little mini-AT-AT things were great...

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    We've listed these in a couple of other threads, but the top ones are...
    A really good Obi-Wan
    People (women) from the bar
    Padme in several outfits
    Battle-damaged clone commander
    Another Yoda, but in a Kung-Fu pose.
    A passive yoda, with a chair and stick
    Kamino Primeminister
    Luminara's padawan, in a pose that complements Luminara's (the Visual Dictionary says Luminara's apprentice specialises in tandem fighting)
    The death-sticks guy
    Hermione and the droid from Dexster's diner
    Sly Moore

    The bar (Outlander?)
    My collections

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    I think they are called AT-TE's and yes they would be awesome if made correctly. I think Hasbro should go all out and make the toy about two and a half feet long with full articulation in all six legs and a little bridge/control center with a couple uniquely posed Clonetroopers as exclusives (one with a set of binoculars).
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    Oh boy, there's a bunch! Unless otherwise noted, all figures are Collection 2--I'd prefer a statue to a gimmick-laden piece of garbage.

    Elan Sleazebaggano ("Death Sticks"--not sure why, but I really want this figure)
    Wat Tambor (heard he was coming out, but not sure)
    Every outfit Padme wore
    Anakin Skywalker: Naboo Wedding (with mechanical arm)
    Geonosian Prison Cart with cart-pulling critter
    Poggle the Lesser with Death Star Plans
    "At Home" unarmored Jango Fett
    Coleman Trebor
    Bail Organa
    Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring (not sure why they didn't do this ship right)
    Dooku's Solar Sailer
    Any and all Jedi Knights, Masters, Padawans, etc
    Palpatine's zombie-looking aide (Sly Moore?)
    Collection 2 resculpts of Obi-Wan, Anakin: Hangar Duel, C-3PO, Mace Windu, and Padme: Arena Escape
    Unarmored Clonetrooper & Juvenile Clone
    Younglings two or three pack
    Collection 1 Kit Fisto w/ wicked lady-killin' grinning action

    Okay, the last one's a joke, but here's a conundrum: we got a ton of Jedi with corny snap-on Force powers. But the only Jedi we saw (at least prominently) using such powers at the Arena gets a slashing action???
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    Jedi Younglings
    Jedi Council
    The Lost Twenty
    Bail Organa
    Lars Family
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    I think this would be a cool figure either regular carded or deluxe. He has to come with the chair though. Removable leg would be cool.
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    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."


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