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    DVDs to only contain Special Editions

    Reading the new Insider I found an interview with George W Lucas in which he said the DVDs will most likely only contain the Special Editions since that's what he sees as Star Wars. Apparantly he is not interested in showing the genesis of the classic trilogy.

    This will come as a disappointment to many.

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    There's only one word I can think of that I can find apropriate here
    - "BLLCKS"!!!!!

    I prefere the classic versions to the SE!!!!!
    Well as long as he takes out the Greedo shooting first scene it really won't bother me too much.

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    Yes, but which special editions is the question. Since he is filming additional scenes for the archival editions, we won't even have access to the original 1997 Special Editions. I guess you guys are going to have to keep those VHS sets after all, just like we had to do with TPM, cause Lucas added stuff to it.

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    I just mentioned this in Pendo's Archival Editions thread. I expected to be upset about the news; but now that I know it isn't going to happen then I guess we all just have to live with it or find a new hobby. Personally, I hope GL goes back and redoes all of the CG additions since technology is so much more advanced now compared to the 'off-the-shelf' software they used in 1997. Plus the best way to make sure that the CG blends seamlessly is to simply insert more CG. I'm thinking of a complete overhaul from beginning to end of each movie. Hey, we know he's going to change them, so he might as well go all out and do it right. No more half-stepping.
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    As Woody Allen would say, this is a travesty of a mockery of two shams!

    I was hoping he'd take a cue from good buddy Steven's upcoming ET DVD.

    So, um, how hard is it to find the THX remaster laserdiscs from around 1995? And, uh, a laserdisc player to go with them?

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    Try Ebay for the Laserdiscs and player, El Chuxter. I bought mine at retail back in the 90's and I love em. The Definitive Collection is the best set to try to get, as it has the original versions of the movies, along with some audio commentary, and behind the scenes features. It also has a tour of the Lucasfilm archives, very very cool. I am hoping to get them burned onto DVD sometime late this year.

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    Senator Binks, if ya do that,let me know LOL
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    Definitely JJB. I would pay for a bootleg of the Original on DVD. Complainers of that line of thinking note: If George doesn't want to put the originals out on DVD, I have two words for him Supply. and Demand. I would certainly buy an original trilogy on DVD from HIM if he wanted to make one.
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    Unfortunate, this is.

    Ah well, I've got the Widescreen VHS THX editions from '95. Maybe I too will invest in the LaserDisc route.
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    Angry No 'Original' Classic Trilogy on DVD

    When asked about the possible inclusion of the original versions of Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi on future DVD releases Lucas said, "I don't think so. I think of the film as the Special Edition, I don't think of it as the early version, any more than I would put early rough cuts on. I could put four or five rough cuts onto the thing and say, 'This is how it advanced.' I consider the Special Edition as being the final version at this point. I don't even worry about the other ones, because it went through a lot of incarnations to get to the final stage." - George Lucas

    Coming from Lucas I'm not surprised. Still, I think that kinda sucks...what do you think?

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