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    More Clones??

    Does anyone know about the future release of more clone troopers? Are any coming with the troop carrier?

    I heard that yellow clones will come with the gun attachments for the ship, are they going to be delux figures then?

    Are there going to be yellow basic clones?

    Also, are there really blue clone troopers? I did not see them. And tell me this, are they going to release more basic, non-colored troopers or just the sneak peaks?

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    I'm not exactly sure how the color system works but I want at least two of every color and tons of plain white clones. Along with the red-jumpsuited adult clones and the young clones.

    The one I really want most though is the pilot for the Gunship, and I've heard that he is one the way later this year.

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    Here's a pic of the uber-cool pilot clone from the Gunship:
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    i would like to have some of the other colors also, ones with no color, yellow, blue
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    Oh yeah, I love these clones. Very cool.

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    I wonder if pehaps the Yellow Clone that Hasbro has confirmed with the bubble gun attachment is the Pilot version from the pic. I thought that Hasbro had listed him as "Yellow Pilot Clonetrooper" so maybe we'll get lucky.

    I too would like regular white clones. I'm not too thrilled by the different colors; I don't like the way they are painted on the armor, it looks sort of cheesy. I would buy one of each color, but I need regular troops for them to command
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    I am going to get 2 of the Red Cloneys, 6 of the Preview Clones and 6 of the yellow ones (i'm gonna get two Gunships) and i really want Hasbro to release a new and improved white Clone Trooper so i can get 6 more. I'd also really appreciate it if they made a more stable Geonosian Warrior with a sonic blaster.

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    Lightbulb Clone Pilot

    What would be great, would be if the republican gunship came with 2 clone pilot drivers.

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    Just buy 2 of the CloneTrooper Pilot figures that are coming out at the same time. Pack in figures usually suck. And what's even cooler, is that they have a side bubble turrets packed in with them, so you can complete the republic gunship.

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    i second that but maybe throw in a battle droid or two that fall apart or flatten when you land the cruiser on them:happy:


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