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    Exclamation Lego single characters

    I wish you could buy star wars lego figures by themself. That would be pretty cool I think. Then you wouldnt have to spent almost $90.00 just to get the Clone Trooper! Mannn! Plus I would buy others.

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    Lego did release a few figure-only sets, but I don't think they fared too well. In the meantime, I would recommend eBay...but not during the current demand.

    Just be patient, probably in a year, you'll be able to type in 'star wars lego clone trooper', and find a lot for a lower price, once the army-builders are satisfied, and the market for them breaks down.

    But for now, don't let yourself pay more than $10 per four.

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    Thanks....I wonder where some people come up with all the money to buy these 80.00 dollar ships and then give the clone troopers away! crazy.

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    I'm thinking the guy I linked to got a handful at Walmart during the kiddie day they had. He has 4 auctions, 2 for four or eight CT, and 2 for four or eight CT without helmet (black head).

    His dog ate the other sets? More likely that's all he could scrounge.

  5. #5 has sets of three legos for $4.99. one set includes Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader.
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    I bought my 4 Clonetroopers at $22 - inclusive shipments

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    Maybe you could try buying a gunship and then calling LEGO and say it didn't have any of the mini-figures, just the droideka (since it's made from regular parts), but then again, that would be dishonest. I think you'd have to send them the receipt or POP to prove you bought the set.
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    I don't think they'd go for that. At best, you could claim you're missing certain parts of 1 clonetrooper like the legs or the helmet, but I don't think they'd believe you were missing 2 unassembled figures.
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