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Thread: Great!

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    Originally posted by darthvyn
    bounty hunter ranks would be cool... but what would they be?

    you just kinda go from a broke guy with good aim, to a guy that gets paid to use that good aim.

    i would dig it, as long as someone came up with worthwhile ranks...

    the imp/reb ranks make sense, as they do have a large ranking system...

    what are droid ranks? does GONK come before or after ev 99?
    I've also been ranting on and off about having a third rank for bounty hunters. Unfortunately after seeing EP2 I'm afraid that the rank system would be something like:

    1)Baby clone
    2)Slave 1 pilot wannabe
    3)Bounty hunter
    4)Sarlaac fodder


    1)Clone host
    2)Rocket man
    3)Jedi hunter
    4)Decapitated corpse
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    1) Duck
    2) Duck
    3) Duck Jedi
    4) Goose
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    I originally had a Bounty Hunter rank concept when we still were only DREAMING of this multi-rank path we now use, but it was basically more "apprentice" and "initiate" stuff (though "Sith Initiate" came first in my mind). But other sites were using Bounty Hunter motifs for their ranks at that time, so we stuck with Jedi vs. Sith, and Sith was trouble enough because I had to make up all this stuff for it and then Steve didn't like my EU-style additions (which is why "Dark Overlord" got turned into "Emperor"). Luckily, I convinced him on "Angry Loner" and "Sith Initiate".
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    how many posts till jedi master

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    1,000 posts for Jedi Master, 5000 for Jedi Council member.

    Let's see they should have had other steps for the darkside.
    Should have had

    Straying Force Using Flirt
    Vengeful Tusken Slaughterer
    Suffering Pretty Boy
    -then Angry Loner
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    The bounty hunters path should go something like this:

    Zam Wessel
    Zuckuss (or 4-Lom)
    4-Lom (or Zuckuss)
    (the last two depend on wether you prefer Vintage or not)
    Jango Fett
    Boba Fett
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    There's been serious discussion of having more then just the Jedi and Sith ranks. Like Bounty Hunter ranks, Rebel Ranks, Imperial ranks, Droid ranks, and customizable ranks.
    how the heck would you do a Droid ranking system?
    just use the names of SW droid characters or unit-designation
    (R2 unit, protocol droid, bla-bla-bla...)?

    on what would you base the hierarchy?
    i.e. who's "better" - an R2 unit or a protocol droid? and why?

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    How about an imperial solider path....

    Imperial private
    Imperial Sergeant
    Imperial Stormtrooper
    Stormtrooper squad leader
    Imperial Officer
    Imperial Lieutenant
    Imperial Colonel
    Imperial General
    Grand Moff
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    Or how about a Senatorial path.....

    Campaign Manager
    Personal Assistant
    Senate Adivsory Council Member
    Supreme CHancellor

    OK, that one sucks....
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