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    Talking The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated!

    HEY!!! How is everyone! I made the "big move" to Bozeman, MT- I am in my 2 classes (and my ex is in one of them, oddly enough) and all goes well up here! The toy hunting is FANTASTIC- there are NO collectors up here, I swear! (Case in point- 3 B-Wings sitting on the shelf at the local Target now- for the 2.5 weeks I have been here! I bought one and then another for my friend- no sales tax is nice, too- so they ARE $39.99 )

    I got my haircut! No more pony tail Needed a change- and I am in a show up here on campus (a play) that performs in October- it'll be great!

    Anyway, I miss you all!

    VT- whassup yo? How's the Tattered Cover? I miss my reubens (I bet you don't though ) and my Moraccan (SP) Gunpowder tea!

    R2- Take any good piccy's lately?

    BAAL Jr.- How much you got now?

    JT- Keeping the MM faith?

    GSJ- Need anything else yet (I STILL owe you for Rogue 2 )?

    Um, anyone else- Big 'ol shout out!

    I should be able to drop by now and then from here on out- I hope to see some of the old crew here. Montana is WEIRD but I like it so far.

    Oh yeah- my condolences to anyone here who lost family or friends from this past week's events. It's been a roller coaster- even up here. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Anyway, enough about that depressing stuff, let's have some fun

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    Question what rumors? there ain't been no rumors about you ;P

    well, the tc hasn't been bombed yet so i'm still enjoying it (last time i recall it being threatened was the brou-ha over supreme court's overturning of that homophobic amendment 2 law pushed by that colosprings used-car dealer ) on 2nd floor i found a volume collecting winsor mccay's entire Little Nemo series (1905-1914) for only $20 .
    oh, you know b'jr; his gains are usually incremental (i've usually always got a Little something for him when we get together every week or so), but over time they add up saturday he & i watched Armageddon (i've been putting off getting to this overblown, patrioteering sog for over a year but he finally convinced me cuz of the topical imagery; it plays like a 2-hour-long bruce willis catchphrase but i'm still glad they made an mm armadillo ) and jeremy irons in soderbergh's Kafka, which featured a great cymbalom-based score by cliff martinez
    re payment for 2nd aussiebraid, if you don't do paypal we can just wait till you're next back in the promised land meanwhile, lmk if interested in trading me a cyclonus, i got a number of same-era transformers i haven't had the slightest interest in for years (same goes for apparently-also-collects-transformers jt too )
    np: shudder to think's High Art score
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    Sounds good on the payment thing- good to see you, VT! So people still hanging out here in this forum or the old one?

    And yes, Armageddon is a 2 hour trailer for a decent mopvie, if you think about it- it plays like a big trailer (try counting to "5" before the screen shifts or the camera moves- there is only ONE scene in the whole movie you can get to above 5. It's sad.)

    Anyway, no MM's up here in MT at all. Sad as hec, but plenty of other stuff, like I said.

    Anyone need a B-Wing for Cost plus shipping, lemme know

    I don't know when I will be back in Colorado, but I hope it's at least on the right Thursday ^_^

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    I wonder if you need even 2 hands to count all the people in the world that actually liked Armageddon. Me being one! heh.
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    WB WS, LMK if you still want the Starspeeder, and also if you want me to start using actual words.

    Why yes, I do collect Transformers, so long as they're more than meets the eye.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Still want the Starspeeder- nice personal pic there, JT (making fun of the logo is GREAT! )

    And yeah- still here- but having far too much fun in the real world to be here much!

    Trying though! Carry on!

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    I AM still alive- are the rest of you?

    On the collecting side, I am still looking but not touching. IT's been a hard, hard 2 months, only having bought the B-Wing. One of my friends is keeping track of ALL of the 3 3/4 stuff I am missing out on here so I can buy it when I make my fortune

    Speaking of which, I get to film my first FILM film this weekend- not on video, on 16mm. It's 1 minute, but the script is TIGHT and it should be good.

    The play I am in opened and it was GREAT! We have 2 weekends left.

    I am now best friends with my ex that I had up here- it's fun.

    What else?

    I haven't purchased the Phantom Menace DVD yet -_-;

    The B-Wing has gone clearance at Target for $27 or so- and there are still PLENTY up here in MT.

    Other than that, there ya go

    VT- Dude, I would kill for a Reuben

    R2- Thanks again for the advice

    JT- Starspeeder still in the works? I would still like it.

    GSJ- I STILL owe you

    About it methinks

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    Good to hear from you Congrats on your film and play!

    You missed out on our latest here at the bottom of the page..

    I still owe GSJ too!
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    Wink yeah, You missed out on Our "movie"

    as you can see it's only five frames long, but it too has a Tight script (i.e., r2 just added captions to the pix )
    don't forget, you still owe Me too, and no it's Not payable in reubens (actually they recently changed the menu for fall so i'm not sure they offer that any more. see what happens when you leave town? )
    stage, screen; what's next for ws, puppetry?
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    Red face nobody owes me squat!

    'cept maybe jeddah!

    where's that dayum parcel awready?!

    better yet, where you been hangin' out lately? ain't heard nuthin from you of late!

    git on the stick girl!

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