HEY!!! How is everyone! I made the "big move" to Bozeman, MT- I am in my 2 classes (and my ex is in one of them, oddly enough) and all goes well up here! The toy hunting is FANTASTIC- there are NO collectors up here, I swear! (Case in point- 3 B-Wings sitting on the shelf at the local Target now- for the 2.5 weeks I have been here! I bought one and then another for my friend- no sales tax is nice, too- so they ARE $39.99 )

I got my haircut! No more pony tail Needed a change- and I am in a show up here on campus (a play) that performs in October- it'll be great!

Anyway, I miss you all!

VT- whassup yo? How's the Tattered Cover? I miss my reubens (I bet you don't though ) and my Moraccan (SP) Gunpowder tea!

R2- Take any good piccy's lately?

BAAL Jr.- How much you got now?

JT- Keeping the MM faith?

GSJ- Need anything else yet (I STILL owe you for Rogue 2 )?

Um, anyone else- Big 'ol shout out!

I should be able to drop by now and then from here on out- I hope to see some of the old crew here. Montana is WEIRD but I like it so far.

Oh yeah- my condolences to anyone here who lost family or friends from this past week's events. It's been a roller coaster- even up here. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anyway, enough about that depressing stuff, let's have some fun