Here are some ideas i have for saga figures, any of you guys like these or have any of your own?

Deluxe Yoda *Hangar Duel (Blurry)* - you know, a Yoda w/ lots of articulation to put him in that spinning saber ball of death. and at attachble motion blur action accessory.

Mace Windu *Arena Battle* - no primal scream facial feature, and how about ball/socket in one arm so we can do that cool deflection that he does against that commander battle droid.

Deluxe Cook Droid - the one that says "hey, no droids" with all those arms and a bunch of utensils and maybe some food items, and a counter to work at.

Poggle The Lesser - including a holoplate w/ the Death Star projected outward, and maybe a ceremonial staff or something.

Hermi Odle - Just look at this guy, make him one of the larger saga figures like Dexter, i dont care what he comes with, just make him.

J'Quille - Make a J'Quille!!!!

Ponda Boba *Cantina Confrontation* With removable arm and bloody stump, a blaster or something and maybe a drink.

Borsk Feyla EU - c'mon hasbro lets see your interpretation of the Bothans.

Lama Su *Prime Minister of Kamino* - with spoon chair thing.

those are my ideas, how you like them.