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    Who would you want to direct EP3?? if you could choose

    Who would you want to direct EP3 if you could choose? GL does a good job but it could be soo soo soo much better. My choice would be bring back Irvin Kershner, he made the finest SW movie out there ESB. I was heard GL said the Irvin made it a better movie than it had to be?( whats wrong with that???) But I hope Lucas lets him. Maybe we should start a petition online to get it done? What do yall think? Then send it to LucasFilm and email to the official website or something?


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    The same guy who directed Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back

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    George Lucas!
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    I concur, George Lucas!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    If not Lucas, his buddy and sometime collaborator Spielberg!
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    I don't care for spielbergs take on the sci fi genre. AI sucked and i didn't like the feel or look of it. Minority Report has the same look. I want the next SW to be very,very,very, dark and not a kids movie. I wish George would not cut out all the violence but show people getting sliced in two and all the jedi dying. It should be real almost. Not like poof you dead. I hope e3 is the darkest and best SW film of them all.


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    I really was hoping back in 1999 that Lucas would hand over the director's chair to someone else. Even if you liked Episode II, I don't think you can argue that it is a well-directed film. The wipes seemed out of Abode Premiere, the edits were not crisp, the constant switching the camera to someone else while a character is still talking, the flat acting, the misuse of computer graphics all point to one man in the end - Lucas.

    Of course he'll do Episode III, but there are three directors I wouldn't mind seeing.

    ---James Cameron. Before we get into a binge about Titanic, this man is responsible for some of the greatest science fiction, namely Aliens and Terminator 2. If Cameron had directed Attack of the Clones, you can bet the first scene would have been an epic Clone battle, full of intensity but layered with subtle humour.

    ---David Fincher. Here's a director who isn't afraid to take a walk on the dark side. Besides Panic Room's failure, Fight Club, The Game, Seven, and to a lesser extent Alien3 all protrayed vivid characterizations against a backdrop of anarchy, vile, and wickedness.

    ---Frank Darabont. He has the ability to bring out hope in the midst of tradegy, just what Episode III will show with the Jedi purge, but the birth of Luke and Leia. Though The Majestic didn't gel for some, his power in Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile still resonate today.

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    My vote would be for Ridley Scott. I think this darkest chapter in the SW Saga would be well done by him.
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    George Lucas

    I think Frank Darabont could write one mean script for the movie though.

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    Everybody who was there for ESB plus Peter Jackson.
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