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  1. #1 prices back to $5.99 - Dooku & Yoda in Stock

    If anyone has yet to pick up a Count Dooku, Yoda, or HD Anakin, it looks as though has them back in stock - and it looks like they've dropped their prices back down to $5.99 per fig.

    They also have listings for the next several waves of figs, including Endor Rebel, Palpatine, Massiff, Djas Puhr, Han Endor, and many others, with the "will notify" feature.

    Happy shopping
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    Yoda's already gone . . . .

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    I'm sure the price drop occurred because Amazon experienced a sales drop.
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    I saw this too, and I actually posted about it, but I guess my title for the thread didn't get people interested. So, if a mod sees the other one (it's called: Ephant Mon) you can delete it, if you want. The reason for deleting it would be that there is already another thread like it.
    But, what my other post said was that they have a bigger listing for the figures now and they have put up the newer waves. Stuff like: Ephant Mon, Teemto, Anakin: Tatooine Attack, Amidala: Coruscant Attack, Palpatine, Massiff, Bespin Luke, Bespin Vader, Han Solo: Endor Raid, Endor Rebel Soldier, Djes Puhr, Orn Fre Taa, Darth Maul: Sith Training, and I think one or two others that we know about (maybe...I keep forgetting how many we know about so far). However, they're not available for purchase yet. They just have that: We Will Email You When It Becomes Available.
    But, also on there, they have four or five listings for figures, but they don't have any names. All they have are numbers on the listing.
    Anyone know who these are? I'm thinking that one might be Ki Adi Mundi, but I couldn't think of who the others might be.
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