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    Episode 3 - a complete story to speculate from

    This thread is also going on in the spoilers section, but the purpose for posting it here is for SPOILER AVOIDING FANS.

    This is all speculation, and at some point when I (or you) read spoiler material, you have to quit coming here because the new information WILL undoubtedly affect how you change and re-shape the story.

    Interesting discussion on this speculative story is already going on in the poll section under "What did you think of AOTC?" as well.

    Well, HERE it is:

    **************EPISODE THREE**************

    The Clone Wars have raged on for 4 bloody years. The Jedi are overwhelmed and desperate.

    Whole planets are being destroyed.

    In retaliation for Palpatine's martial law, Naboo is completely destroyed. The Gungans are wiped out.

    The Naboo contingeant on Coruscant is still strong, still fighting though.

    Senator Padme Amidala is 9 months pregnant with her unborn children (or child if it is unknown that they are twins). In light of the Clone Wars, she refuses to settle down and just lay still while she feels responsible in part, having worked to defeat the Army Creation Act that led the Republic to war (versus a diplomatic solution) so she tries her best to set things right as a Senator and the last of the Naboo. Her whole family has been wiped out - killed when Naboo was ravaged, and the reason why the twins don't live with their grandparents.

    Representative JarJar Binks' played the fool and authorized an army that started a war which eradicated his people. He too is trying to set things straight and is totally ostracized and loathed by Amidala. The bridge he created between the Naboo and the Gungans with her is totally in ashes. He is more annoying than ever, constantly trying to make it up to her and help her. Only for Padme, irritable, as she's pregnant, to be more annoyed with JarJar than the audience (if that's possible).

    Meanwhile, to stay close to his wife, Anakin Skywalker, EX-JEDI KNIGHT has been made advisor to the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, another of the last of the Naboo. He defends the people left from the world he held most dearest. But he resents the Jedi who expelled him for breaking the code and his oath, and he learns to feel hatred for them for their keeping him from saving his mother. He fails to understand WHY they let Shmi have a life, as Anakin thinks only of himself, still the whiny, emotionaly immature child that wants everything.

    The Jedi meanwhile continue to fight for the Loyalists (including Bail Organa, an ally of Palpatines) against the Rebel Separatists. They command the Clones and Obi-Wan is made a General. But they are getting slaughtered. Having seen the Clone Troopers' superiority in a fight, the Separatists commission their own Clone Army funded by Count Dooku. They get a new donor who looks a lot like Harrison Ford. The orphaned Boba Fett needs to survive and takes command of these Clones to fight the perverse Republic that turned his father's clones against them and enslaved them to the Jedi. He dons Jaster Mureel's old armor - the man who Jango told his son about - the one who had saved Jango's life long ago. And Fett fulfills his father's destiny and leads an army of Mandalorian Clad Clones into battle. The Jedi and Republic Clones are getting slaughtered!

    The Separatists have advanced to the Galactic Core and a great battle is being fought on Alderaan!

    An urgent message from Obi-Wan Kenobi calls back to Coruscant and Palpatine's office: "Anakin Skywalker, years ago you served the Jedi Order as my Padawan. Now I beg you for your help in my struggle against the Separatists..."

    Smug that 'OK, now he's NEEDED,' the greatest of all Jedi leaves Coruscant to fight his way to his former master in a pitched Starfighter battle that shows that Anakin is indeed the best Starfighter pilot in the galaxy.

    Anakin rejoins his former Master and Anakin proves that he has not stopped learning about the Force. He has studied forbidden knowledge of the Dark Side from Sith artifacts that have fallen into his hands through his benefactor, Palpatine. With his newfound powers combined with Obi-Wan's, they duel and destroy Count Dooku! Before he dies, while he's fatally wounded, Anakin runs off when a transmission comes through by a desperate Padme Amidala!

    The Trade Federation and Techno Union cower in light of these events, but the Mandalorians won't give up!

    In a stealth strike on Coruscant, they hit the capital and capture the Loyalist Party leaders: Bail Organa, JarJar Binks, and the pregnant Padme Amidala! It is a spectacular mini-battle that pits the Chancellor's Royal Guards against the Mandalorians! But the Guardsmen are defeated, though they buy time for Palpatine to escape to a secret underground bunker in the firey bowels of Coruscant!

    They are taken away as prisoners of war and held at some other location. Perhaps a conquered Corellia?

    Meanwhile, as Dooku dies, he says he had joined the Sith to destroy them from within, but failed. He says all the lives lost in the Clone Wars would have been worth it if by going along with everything, he'd stopped the birth of a new age of evil and a Sith Empire, but he failed. He tells Obi-Wan that Palpatine is the real Dark Lord of the Sith. Perhaps he carries a holo-transmission to "prove it."

    But the Mandalorian Clones have suffered severe losses too. Their youngest soldiers, some of them but only 11 years old, are needed to guard the prisoners while the adults do the fighting.

    Anakin rushes back to Coruscant and security forces send him to Palpatine. He tells him that his pregnant wife and child / children were killed in the attack while Anakin was away helping Obi-Wan.
    He tells Anakin that the war is going far too badly for the Republic and even Dooku's death won't make a difference against the Mandalorian Clones. He says that is because they are being led by the Jedi who concocted this whole thing as a conspiracy with Dooku so that they could sieze power. The Jedi High Council has been manipulating everything and Obi-Wan was blind if he could not see it. Everything he advised Anakin on led the younger Jedi astray and he was unwittingly a part of this whole thing.

    Meanwhile Obi-Wan goes back to the Jedi to tell them what he's learned. He is instructed to find his former padawan as they will need everyone's help, especially if the boy really could be the Chosen One. Obi-Wan traces Anakin to the molten depths of Corusant and finds Palpatine!

    He claims the Chancellor is the Dark Lord of the Sith and must be destroyed. Anakin blames him for Padme's death and the deaths of his unborn children and his mother, 4 years ago. He will not let Obi-Wan kill Palpatine, the last of those who have been good to him. And he thinks Obi-Wan is crazy - Palpatine is not the Dark Lord of the Sith. But Obi-Wan moves to fulfill his mission and Anakin's emotions come to a boil. The two square off and fight - Master vs. Former Apprentice. All of Anakin's rage surges, but his will to live is sapped, tears fall as he accuses Obi-Wan of preventing him from saving Padme. Anakin swears he himself is a failure and doesn't deserve to live, but he will make Obi-Wan pay for what he's done first. But his emotions do not allow him to concentrate, and the teary-eyed youth gets hit by Kenobi's saber again and again! Across the face, in back of the head. But Obi-Wan fights to defend. When Anakin loses his concentration, he falls over the edge, his arm cut off perhaps, and holding on with the other arm. His lightsaber slides away on the ground.

    Obi-Wan rushes forward to save Anakin, forgive him for his mistakes. He offers Anakin his hand, but Anakin refuses to take it. Anakin loses his grip and falls plunging toward the lava! Obi-Wan wipes away tears and picks up Anakin's fallen saber - all he has to remember his former padawan by.

    Obi-Wan turns, but Palpatine has escaped!

    Meanwhile, Boba Fett moves to the forward command and confronts the late-Dooku's second in command - a traitorous Republic commander Tarkin. Tarkin receives orders from Darth Sidious, knowing he has lost Lord Tyranus to the Force. They will make a treaty with the Separatists to end this war, but the Loyalists must die. Alderaan must completely disarm and surrender to the Separatists so they can safely return to their systems, but their will be a new Empire born out of the rejoining of the Rebel systems and the Old Republic - one Sidious 'has assurances will be accepted by the war weary public.' Palpatine will preside 'benevolently' over a more direct, authoritative government that will allow the Separatists to remain in power and control their special interests to their own advantage. Tarkin accepts these conditions if he will gain power. Fett feels betrayed, but he's young and has no one else to pay his way in the galaxy. He is ordered to Corellia to kill the Loyalist prisoners.

    Meanwhile, Obi-Wan returns to the Jedi and tells some of them of the tragedy. His wounds severe, he cannot go on the rescue mission when intelligence learns that the Loyalists are still alive and being held prisoner.

    Just then Chancellor Palpatine comes on the air and says the Jedi are responsible for the war. They took command of the Republic's Clones and Dooku led the rebellion. On top of that, Obi-Wan Kenobi just tried to assasinate the Supreme Chancellor and slayed Anakin Skywalker, Alderaan's hero and the Chancellor's protector, in the process. The Jedi must be purged and the Senate is completely corrupted, the Loyalists having been killed and the rest remaining suspect. He will push for a bold, new offensive against the Jedi, this will destroy their control over the Clones and end the war. He calls for all the Jedi to be lynched basically.

    The Jedi assigned to the rescue mission must move quickly, because if saved, they can provide testimony to the Jedi's innocense!

    Meanwhile, the orders come down to Corellia to kill the prisoners. A young Clone guarding them is in command and knows Fett is arriving soon. Padme has just given birth, and prior to the order, with no reason not to, the young Clone helped the Loyalists give her the medical attention necessary for the children to be born. Now he is ordered to simply kill them all!

    He can't. He disobeys orders and tells them he'll provide them with a means of escape, weapons, etc. Padme asks why, and the young Clone says "Maybe you'd like it back in your cell, Your Highness?"

    They flee as Boba Fett arrives. Bail Organa grabs a blaster and defends Amidala, as JarJar pleads with her that it's not his fault. Bail and the young Clones are going to be quickly over-ran when the Jedi arrive!

    Mace Windu commands them. Boba Fett recognizes this Jedi in particular! It's personal, but he makes a note that he has another score to settle with that young Clone who disobeyed his orders, too!

    The Jedi and Mandalorians now fight it out! The Knights get to the Loyalists, then split up when Mace realizes that they have the children of Skywalker! If Anakin is dead, perhaps the children will bring balance to the Force? Mace will lead Fett away from them! To do so, he plays upon Boba's unprofessional hatred and Fett makes the mistake of going after Mace while Padme gets away. Mace allows himself to get cornered because it draws Fett after the target he's been longing for. But Mace is no longer there - he closes his eyes and disintegrates! Becoming one with the Force!

    Meanwhile, Ki-Adi Mundi and Plo Koon get Padme, Bail, and JarJar out of there. The young Clone is advised to run away and he does so. But where are the Jedi going to run to?

    On Coruscant, the Jedi Temple is under attack! It's lynch mobs and police alike! Obi-Wan battles his way out of there and tries to get the Jedi children to safety. Yoda flees quietly in another direction, but senses a grave disturbance in the Force.

    Anakin's body is on a ledge he fell on, just above the lava. He is NOT in the lava, but the heat is burning his skin and the air is (figuratively) setting fire to his lungs. He cries out in pain for Padme and collapses - we presume he's dead. A shadow falls across the body. Cut the scene.

    Palpatine proclaims the main body of the Separatist forces are caving in without their Jedi commanders. He says they will sign a treaty to be under direct control of a New Order - one with the strength that can handle their dissent, and he will serve as an Emperor in a new government that will unite the galaxy to rebuild itself into a new golden age. A new Senate will retain power to one day restore the Republic when all the rebellions are put down, but meantwhile, someone the galaxy cantrust, Palpatine of course, will command over the reconstruction of this new galactic unity. Tarkin signs a treaty with him and is made a governor over the Separatists on the Outer Rim.

    The new Emperor appears with a new Enforcer at his side - a persecuted Sith Lord, Darth Vader. The Sith were responsible Force-users the Jedi killed off or horribly maimed and betrayed because the Sith represented Order, but one where the Jedi would hold no power. Without Lord Vader, Palpatine proclaims, the Separatists would not have been convinced to surrender.

    Meanwhile, Yoda meets Ki-Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, and the loyalists. He learns of the survival of the children of Skywalker and hears a final transmission recorded earlier by Mace. Yoda reconsiders the Prophesy. Bail insists on getting them to Alderaan, but the Core is blockaded. They have to take the Corellian Trade Route which runs out past Dagobah. There they will split up if followed. Yoda sends a transmission to Obi-Wan, only informing him of a rendezvous point.

    Boba Fett, frustrated, begins to track them. Through Tarkin, Vader learns of his employ. Vader is obsessed to learn what happened to the Jedi on Corellia, as they must be destroyed - Palpatine convinced him so. When he meets Fett, he wants to kill him for what he presumes they did to his wife. But as Fett pleads for his life, Vader is intrigued to learn that the Jedi came there to protect a pregnant Senator and that they were rescued - the Mandalorians did not kill them as Palpatine 'mistakenly' thought. So Vader forces Fett to work as a hunter, tracking them. Slave-One picks up the trail and calls Vader in to Dagobah. They land with troops and begin to search the swamps. Fett waits in space, hoping for payment for his services.

    The Jedi must split up again. Yoda and Plo Koon will stay behind while Ki-Adi Mundi gets Padme, Bail, JarJar, and the baby twins to safety as Darth Vader stalks them through the swamps. Yoda had stressed that the twins could hold the Chosen One and they must be split up so that at least one of them could survive.

    Padme won't abide JarJar, so she and Leia go with Bail Organa. JarJar goes with Ki Adi Mundi.

    Plo Koon is wounded and give into his fear and uses the Dark instincts native to his species. A spectacular battle begins but Plo ends up defeated and dies in the tree cave, while Yoda with superior skills, had took on all the Clone Troopers that Vader had commanded. When Vader returns from that awesome fight with Plo Koon, he finds the Loyalist ships gone, and assumes other Jedi that LEFT, killed the Clones.

    Vader too leaves - to hunt them down!

    Yoda remains behind. No ship is left to take him away. But he was shocked to observe Darth Vader from afar - there was something very familiar about him!

    "Hmmm." Yoda says.

    Meanwhile, Boba Fett detected the two Loyalist ships leaving Dagobah and chose to follow one. It's Ki Adi Mundi's. They are attacked and Ki has to land. The two of them must split up again, and Ki tells JarJar to take the baby and make sure he can get it to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    At the spaceport, Ki Adi Mundi prepares to slay Boba Fett, but instead of Fett, he faces Darth Vader! You know the outcome!

    Obi-Wan Kenobi gets an urgent message pre-recorded from Ki-Adi Mundi. Kenobi has gotten some children to safety and told them to hide, make whatever life they can, remember to use their abilities for good, but never let on to anyone that they were ever Jedi, or they would be caught and put to death!

    So Obi-Wan tracks Ki-Adi Mundi's signal to not Ki, but JarJar, who has a baby who he's told is the Son of Skywalker! Obi-Wan knows what THEY must do, when Ki-Adi Mundi's signal is traced - by Boba Fett! Knowing that he could never make things up to Padme for helping start this war, JarJar will help save her son by leading Fett away. It is assumed that the loyalist party that Vader is looking for is this one, as witnesses tell Fett that one of them had a baby! Fett tracks the signal to a ship (JarJar's) and destroys it as it takes off! (JarJar is totally blown to pieces!) Vader arrives on the scene and yells he wanted them alive! (Fett did have orders to kill them though) Vader turns to Fett and says "No disintegrations." Fett is stiffed by a curiously grieving Darth Vader, but threatened when he asks for payment that he will be paid by Vader sparing his life. Weary from his battles the Dark Lord returns to his new Master, Palpatine.

    Padme, Bail, and baby Leia arrive on Alderaan. On this war ravaged planet that is being forced to disarm, rebuild, and repair, they stare up at the stars and wonder what the future will hold.

    On a distant planet, circling two of those stars, Obi-Wan takes the baby Luke to the only living relatives he knows survived - Anakin's step-father and his family. But Cliegg has died from his wounds and Owen now runs the family farm with his young wife, Beru. They take the child from the Jedi, and following Owen's experience and character estimation of Anakin, tells Obi-Wan to get out of there and never bring his troubles back.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi walks away, unable to stop the suns from setting.

    The end.

    Remember, no 'official' unofficial spoilers. No one need worry about that today, but if you are posting after real leaks are coming out and the real E3 script has been written, please be respectful of those only SPECULATING here.
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    oh, man is this going to be sloppy...
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    I don't understand.
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    It could be cool but I think some bits could do with a little work.

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    i just meant that it's going to be sloppy to have like, three spec threads... i just hope this one catches on among the non-spoiler speculator crowd...
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    Well, for you Darthvyn, and Pendo, and everyone else, this thread is where you come and make adjustments to the story so can tell what you think will most likely happen. Subject my outline to criticism on specific plot points, or completely rewrite it. People may or may not agree with my version, yours, or some specific point.

    For everyone else: Darthvyn was talking about this speculative story outline for Episode Three being in this forum, the topic starter in the E3 spoiler threads page (where it will be 'corrected' as actual facts about E3 come in) and where it started in the Poll thread "What did you think about AOTC?" since E3 speculation would naturally be spawned by a discussion of E2.

    I mean come on: we know Anakin and Padme can't marry and live happily ever after on Sollust, never having any children.

    So there's a natural direction to take this.

    Something I just read in the new Insider's interview with George Lucas concerns me though - and I'll add this information to the other 2 threads.

    Lucas said that Darth Sidious can't just train another Sith Lord from his childhood like Darth Maul. He specifically sought to corrupt and turn a trained Jedi Master in order to turn Anakin. Lucas said that very specificially that Sidious is using Dooku to turn Anakin.

    I once speculated that Dooku was Anakin's father. That there was no immaculate conception. Episode 2 would seem to confirm the latter. I'd guessed that Shmi would have told her son in her death scene and that the revelation would come there, sort of mirroring what happened in Empire. Then a situation would arise where a repeat of a theme in ROTJ would happen and it would play out "then strike him down and take your father's place at my side!"

    Rather than see that directly in AOTC, we saw Dooku tempt Obi-Wan, "Join me and take your Master's place at my side" -referring to the dead Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan would not turn, but everyone (Tyranus/Dooku and we can assume Sidious/ Palpatine) now knows how volatile Anakin is. Plus if they've learned he's married, as Palpatine surely will, they will know how to get at him - through Padme, and to a lesser extent, through Obi-Wan (since Anakin rushed to rescue him). Of course Obi-Wan and Padme will be used as pawns in the Sith's attempt to turn Anakin, just as Han and Leia were used to lure Luke.

    But why is Dooku specifically important in this? It could be so simple as to spark dissent concerning proceedure between Anakin and Obi-Wan, but it doesn't seem there needs to be any outside influence to do that, LOL. However, a focal point for Anakin's hatred if Dooku's soldiers are blamed for killing Padme? In my story, Dooku was the bait to take Anakin away from Padme's side so that Separatist forces could get to her while Anakin was engaged, lured by the chance to kill Dooku. Since Sidious is really manipulating these things, it makes some sense. Dooku might care less about Anakin, but he's not calling the shots anyway.

    But could Dooku be Anakin's father? I made an effective case for that before but dismissed it because it was not revealed in Episode 2. I'll rehash those arguments in a minute, but here's some things that have to be added if it's possible.

    1) Dooku doesn't know who Anakin Skywalker is, by name. He left before Obi-Wan returned with an apprentice, but he knew who Qui-Gon's apprentice had been. (Maybe they are going to CGI insert Dooku into Qui-Gon's funeral scene in TPM?)

    2) Dooku might have had an illicit affair, like son - like father, but never knew that Shmi was pregnant, or believed she was dead and Palpatine discovered the truth about the whole affair when he researched Obi-Wan (because of Maul and Anakin), learned about Qui-Gon, which led him to Dooku where he made some amazing connections that even the audience hasn't yet. Remember, Palpatine knows everything. More than we do, at any rate.

    3) Dooku doesn't know he was fighting his own son in Clones, nor does Anakin know about his father. This could be discovered after Anakin kills Dooku, or in between movies one of them learns the truth. Midichlorians and inherited skills and powers becomes validated through this.

    4) Even if Anakin learns the truth, just as Luke Skywalker did, his father is guilty of trying to horribly kill his love interest (Padme - while Vader threatened Leia, even before Luke knew she was his sister, but perhaps that's the crux of the difference in why Anakin turns, and Luke doesn't - to protect the other sibling, who would have all the same powers and abilities Luke does - but is clearly not following the path to darkness. Anakin is alone. It's interesting why George makes Leia the sister and doesn't give the hero the girl in the end, right? Han could have been killed off.)

    So the point is, Anakin knows and chooses to kill his own father. Like his mother once said, paraphrased, "[He] was no father. [He didn't] carry him. [He] didn't raise him." Dooku was not a part of Anakin's life, but he would destroy Obi-Wan and Padme - and Anakin's unborn child(ren) so Anakin has to hate him like he hated the Tusken Raiders who took his mother from him.

    Perhaps Aurra Sing was hired to protect Anakin, because Dooku knew her and of her abilities. Another tie-in.

    In my old story outline for this part (which like I said, I dismissed because no information about Episode 2 confirmed this and you think Shmi would have said something, or Dooku would have known he had a son???) but the plot points were something like this:

    Dooku would be expelled from the Jedi Order.

    They kept it a secret (him and Shmi)

    Because he was a Jedi, his family was targeted by enemies (possibly) and his girl's parents were killed and she was sold into slavery with her 3 year old child (Anakin).

    Dooku believed they were dead.

    He told no one of this.

    Qui-Gon was not his apprentice at this time:

    1) Anakin was 9 in TPM, so when he was born that many years prior to that, Obi-Wan (24 in TPM) would have been 15. Jedi are apprenticed at age 13. So Obi-Wan would be with Qui-Gon, 35 yrs old then.

    Therefore Qui-Gon would probably have been a Jedi Knight for 10 years beyond the time he'd trained with Dooku. Qui-Gon would have no knowledge of what his former master was doing, save for running into him on occasion at the Temple, and maybe they wrote each other.

    2) Dooku would not have told Qui-Gon that he messed up with Shmi. They were keeping it a secret, right?

    3) If he loved Shmi, and they were intimate, he would have told her about the life of a Jedi - about Qui-Gon Jinn, his one-time apprentice.

    4) Shmi would know exactly WHO Qui-Gon was when her son brought him home from Watto's shop that day before the podrace. So when Anakin won his freedom, that is the reason she let her only son leave with Qui-Gon, Jedi Knight or not. (I mean don't the Jedi have to go through some kind of legal adoption process anyway?) So while Qui-Gon didn't know who Shmi was, there was something familiar to him about Anakin - well, duh: he was his former master's son.

    But why would George make no mention of this in Episode 2 if it was true? That part of the plot is moving slower than ANH-ESB, when Vader was trying to kill Luke (in his TIE fighter) and didn't know he had a son. It's true these revelations would take 10 seconds during Episode 3, but the guilt and reprocussions could manifest themselves in a black mask! Hmmmm.

    It makes you think. E3 would then really be a sensory overload!
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    We have a new problem here. Part of it has to do with a hole in my Han Solo is a clone theory, so bear with the analysis of that until we get to a hole in the whole prequel's FACTUAL continuity as established by TPM and AOTC!


    This has to do with exactly who Darth Tyranus is and how long he's been working with the Sith. I think I've uncovered evidence that he had to be there BEFORE Darth Maul was killed.

    More than 2 there are - from a certain point of view...

    take a bite into this - think about the implications not just for Han, but for Dooku. This could help speculation on Sifo-Dyas possibly, too (though I've yet to see how).

    Here it is:

    There's the idea that a lot of the Stormtroopers from the Classic movies are enlisted, volunteers, and forcibly recruited from across the galaxy.

    Maybe the best of the best are still Clones, but that doesn't mean that they are from Han's template either. He STILL could be a Clone made back in the days 29 years before ANH.

    Hmmm. Which means either Han had growth acceleration, or there was another cloning project going on at the same time as Kamino's, because Han couldn't possibly have been grown AFTER the Jedi took command of Kamino's Republic Clones. He looks way older than 22. If there age acceleration is geometric, that could solve this problem.

    Anyway if Boba was started perhaps 2 years before TPM, Han had to be started about 3 years after TPM. But Jango would still be the donor, alive and well then....

    So, 3 years after Maul died, did Palpatine tell his new apprentice Dooku, that in 'x' amount more years, he (Dooku that is) would need his own clone army? So Dooku got one going for the Separatists?

    Also, something else doesn't make sense. If Tyranus replaced Maul, but recruited Jango Fett "on one of the moons of Bogden" a long enough time ago for Boba to be at least 12 in AOTC (no growth acceleration on Boba), than Tyranus was involved in this thing BEFORE Darth Maul died!

    Interesting. Very interesting. Or the Clones were unrelated to the Sith plot until Palpatine found out about them after Maul died. But I doubt that. Palpatine's role is to know everything....

    Hmmm. A new puzzle we have here, regardless if Han is or is not a Clone....
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    i like your scriptment.

    is there EU speculation that han solo is a clone? i never heard that before.

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    maybe it wasn't tyranus, but palpatine himself taking a surprising step out of the shadows to make the order for the clones from kamino... of course now we get back into the whole sidious/sifo-dias conundrum.

    also, it might be possible for more than two people to be using the dark side of the force at the same time, but maybe only two can be called "sith" at any given time. dooku might have been in on the plot from before the time of TPM, but didn't take the name darth tyranus until after maul's demise. i mean, in jedi, both vader and palpatine are vying for luke's allegiance against the other one. at the moment he killed either one, he was the new sith. i think we all can agree that he was dangerously close to the dark side during that whole process. things to ponder...
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    Derek, there's never been any EU story that supports Han being a Clone.

    But much of his origins are a mystery even with the stuff filled in about Denn Solo, Thrackan Sal-Solo (Han's grandfather and cousin respectively).

    I thought of the irony in the line "No mystical energy field controls my destiny" had Han been created to serve the Sith purpose (as a Clone Warrior) and on top of that, be the mercenary never claiming he wanted to get involved with the Princess' Rebellion, but by his own actions, being literally a rebel of sorts, since the actual day Leia was born. Han just didn't see it that way...yet.

    Finally, that he would be the one independent Clone, Han Solo, and that Jango's offspring from a previous Clone line would be the pilot of Slave-One, I thought there were too many cute clues pointing us in this direction.

    In mythology, or movies, or something, I always remember the character that should be a bad-guy but switches sides and turns out a reluctant hero. In "Willow" it was Sorcha - the evil Queen's daughter no less. Even in Transformers it was Jetfire, who was created a Decepticon. In Blade, it actually IS Blade - a vampire out for justice for humanity.

    Han Solo was perfect amongst the classic cast to hold this secret backstory.

    It wouldn't be Luke or Leia, because they didn't know their heritage to have been raised, or trained by Vader.

    Han has the chance to fit that profile, not to mention the fact that his arch enemy is Boba Fett.

    It's just my theory and as far as I know, I was the first to start saying that.
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